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Student Survey

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I want to continue with my current mentor
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Survey Item Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
1. The notice I received regarding my mentor was clear and provided me with the information I needed.
2. My technical interests were sufficiently aligned with those of this mentor to allow me to receive effective guidance and counsel.
3. My professional goals were sufficiently aligned with the professional experience and work history of this mentor to allow me to receive effective guidance and counsel.
4. I feel it is important to meet personally with the mentor at least one time in the early stages of the mentoring relationship.
5. I met with this mentor personally one or more times.
6. I had no problem contacting this mentor.
7. The mentor was available to communicate with me regularly.
8. The mentor kept appointments or appropriately cancelled appointments in advance of our discussion times.
9. The mentor was prepared for our discussions.
10. The mentor and I established a good working rapport.
11. My discussions with the mentor were an effective use of my time.
12. My match with this mentor was appropriate and I received effective professional support.