Department of

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Chaopeng Shen, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Chaopeng Shen
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Penn State University
206C Sackett Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-5844

Courses Taught at PSU

CE 555 Groundwater Hydrology
CE 461 Water Resources Engineering
CE 360 Fluid Mechanics


2009 Ph.D., Michigan State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University (2012-present)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2011-2012)
Post-Doctoral Associate, Michigan State University (2010)

Areas of Interest

Large scale computational hydrology

Land surface processes

Water-carbon-nutrient interactions under global change

Hydrologic scaling issues

High performance subsurface reactive transport modeling


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