Department of

Civil and Environmental Engineering



Kavanagh Lecture - Abstract

April 5, 2012

Creating Bridges as Art


Linda Figg
President and CEO
Figg Engineering Group, Director of Bridge Art


Innovative concrete bridges showcase the special features of a community and celebrate their landscape, while integrating aesthetic beauty and cost-effective design. Respect for nature, historical significance, adjacent architecture, and cultural heritage are a few of the considerations that impact bridge features for a community. Ms. Figg, President and CEO of Figg Engineering Group (FIGG), will discuss a series of case studies that illustrate how aesthetic beauty is accomplished for concrete bridges, while also including eco-friendly, sustainable designs for the future. The featured bridges demonstrate that aesthetically sensitive concrete bridges are also cost-effective solutions and provide for long-term community enhancement, utilizing high quality, local, and recycled materials for longer life-cycle cost benefits as well as local economic benefits.