Welcome to the Applied Bioremediation Systems Group!


  • ⇒Ecological solutions for food-energy-water nexus challenges
    ⇒Advanced ecological wastewater treatment (Eco-Machines)
    ⇒Bioremediation of hazardous wastes and emerging contaminants
  • ⇒Biological, chemical, and physical treatment of acid mine drainage
  • ⇒Nutrient recovery for the sustainable production of fertilizers, fodder, and biofuels

Recent news!

Congrats grad! Congratulations to our newest graduate!
Michael Shreve (PhD)
(Aug 2018)
Ozgul Calicioglu wins National Federation of the Blind Scholarship (May 2018) and Green Talents Award (August 2018)!
Ben Roman Ben Roman wins 1st Place Paper Award, College of Engineering Research Symposium, Penn State (April 2018)!
Ozgul publishes paper on bioenergy production from duckweed!
Calicioglu, A. O., and¬†Brennan, R. A.¬†(2018) “Sequential ethanol fermentation and anaerobic digestion increases bioenergy yields from duckweed.” Bioresource Technology, 257: 344-348.