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  Kappe Environmental Engineering Laboratories
Environmental Engineering Research Laboratory 

Dr. Dempsey's lab contains a zeta meter, streaming-current detector, carbon analyzer, and several small items including turbidimeters, conductivity meter, and pH meters.  Wet chemistry dominates in this lab. Titrations, extractions, and jar-testing are common sights. The lab is a center for field-work and for experiments that will use equipment at other campus locations.

Kevin Choi (on left) works on an AWWARF-sponsored project dealing with the use of novel coagulants in water treatment. In this picture, he's using a micro-buret to dose concentrated coagulants into raw water from Altoona, PA. Kevin plans to study in-line coagulation for membrane filtration for his Ph.D. dissertation. 



Byong-Hun Jeon is shown at the glove-box in Room 9A.
He runs his set-ups from Room 20A. His Ph.D. dissertation
will deal with sorption of Fe(ll) by ferric oxide minerals,
and careful anoxic conditions are necessary for this task.
Byong-Hun already completed his M.S. at Penn State, focusing
on the characteristics of iron oxide minerals that are produced
during treatment of acid mine drainage.

Je-Hun Jang spends most of his research hours at the nuclear reactor building, where he is building a Mossbauer spectrometer that will be used to analyze labile Fe(ll)Fe(lll) materials. Room 20A is his center for set-ups and for analysis.



Ben Paksuchon is analyzing water samples for alkalinity,
hot-peroxide acidity, sulfate, pH, TSS, and total extractable
Al, Fe, and Mn. Ben and about ten other undergraduate and
graduate students are evaluating the quality of rivers and
streams across Pennsylvania. The goal is to determine the
best way to get these streams to a fishable-swimmable condition.

Several of Dr. Dempsey's projects involve field work. In addition to the study of Pennsylvania streams, Dr. Dempsey and Ph.D. student Jon Dietz are working near Johnstown to develop a novel process for treating AMD. Here is Dr. Dempsey at a Penn State construction site for a porous pavement parking lot.