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Microbial Electrolysis Cell Research
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Publications featuring MEC research by the Logan Group:

Popular Magazines

NewScientist-Green machine: Bugs and sparks turn salty water fresh-November 2010 (.pdf)

Kodomo No Kagaku magazine- article for children on H2 productionJanuary 2008

Science et Vie- Des bacteries sous tension dopent la fabrication de H2January 2008

Popular Mechanics Logan Ward: "Breakthrough Awards 2005; Hydrogen Energy Leap" pg. 78—November 2005

Popular Mechanics Michelle Alvarez: "Popular Mechanics Announces Winners of the 2005 Breakthrough Awards"—September 29, 2005

Scientific American Sarah Graham "Fuel Cell Converts Biomass into Hydrogen"—April 27, 2005

Wired Magazine Amit Asaravala: "Fill'er Up, With Microbes"—October 4, 2004

Business Week Catherine Arnst: "Innovations", No. 3822, Developments to Watch, pg. 77—March 3, 2003

Technical Magazines

Environmental Science & Technology "Electromethanogenesis: the direct bioconversion of current to methane" — May 20, 2009

Technology Review (MIT) Nora Schultz "Cheap Hydrogen from Scraps"—February 23, 2009

CEP Magazine "Microbial fuel cells generate H2 from acetic acid" pg 13—January 2008

Advanced Fuel Cell Technology "Hydrogen Day at Penn State", Vol. 10, pg. 12—December 2006

Environmental Health Perspectives David C. Holzman: "Microbe Power!" Vol. 113, No. 11, pp.A755-A757—November 2005

Water Environment & Technology Kris Christen: "From Wastewater to Hydrogen: A New Market for Treatment Plants?",17(8): 9-11—August 2005

Civil Engineering Magazine Jay Landers: "Researchers Envision Hydrogen Production from Wastewater Treatment" Vol. 76, No. 6, Technology, pp. 32-33—June 2005

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment Adrian Burton: "Volt-Jolt Harvests Hydrogen from Wastewater" Dispatches, pg. 238—June 2005

Materials Performance M.V. Veazey: "Fuel Cell Designed to Produce Hydrogen and Clean Waste Water" Chemical Treatment News—June 2005

ipFrontline Barbara Hale: "High Yield Hydrogen Source and Wastewater Cleaner"—May 4, 2005

Chemical Engineering Gerald Ondrey "This Microbial Fuel Cell Gets a Boost of H2" Vol. 112, No. 5, ISSN: 0000-2460, Chementator pg. 19—May 1, 2005

Process Engineering "Clean Hydrogen" Technology Today —May 2005

Chemical & Engineering News Steve Ritter "Waste Put to Work: Microbial Fuel Cell Cleans Water and Makes Hydrogen to Boot" ISSN: 0009-2347, Science & Technology—April 28, 2005

Environmental Science & Technology "Practical Hydrogen from a Microbial Fuel Cell" Technology News —April 27, 2005

Fuel Cell Today UPI: "Cell Can Boost Hydrogen Output 4 Times"—April 27, 2005

InTech "Microbial Fuel Cell: Hydrogen Source, Cleaner Wastewater"—April 27, 2005

Power Electronics Technology "Microbial Fuel Cell Generates Hydrogen, Cleans Wastewater"—April 27, 2005

Science Daily "Microbial Fuel Cell: High Yield Hydrogen Source and Wastewater Cleaner"—April 24, 2005

Advanced Fuel Cell Technology "Hydrogen Day at Penn State University" —Vol. 8, No. 12, December 2004

Environment "Energy from Wastewater" Vol. 45, No. 3—April 2003

Chemical Engineering Gerard Parkinson "From Food Wastes" Vol. 110, No. 3, ISSN: 0009-2460, Chementator —March 1, 2003

Waste Treatment Technology News "Food Wastes Yield Fuel" Vol. 18, No. 7, Biological Treatments—March 2003

CEP Magazine "Powering Fuel Cells from Wastewater" pg 27—July 2002

Science Daily "Penn State Engineers Boost Hydrogen Production from Fermentation"—June 3, 2002


Hindustan Times "New electrical device can turn CO2 into biofuel" — April 27, 2009

Hindustan Times "A bacterium that eats electricity to convert CO2 into methane" — April 6, 2009

Hindustan Times "Microbes can produce abundant source of methane as fuel" — March 31, 2009

Hindustan Times "Scientists identify microbe that turns (CO2) and water directly to methane" — March 31, 2009

United Press International (UPI) "Microbes emit methane without hydrogen gas" — March 30, 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer Tom Avril "Hydrogen study fuels possibilities"—January 14, 2008

Christian Science Monitor Robert C. Cowen "Creativity buoys outlook for hydrogen economy"—November 29, 2007

United Press International (UPI) "Scientists convert cellulose into hydrogen"—November 28, 2007

The Washington Times Ann Geracimos "Recycling Waste"—October 5, 2006

Centre Daily Times James Endres Howell "Penn State engineers test microbial-made fuel"—February 20, 2006

The Statesman "Waste Power" Science—June 7, 2005

The Washington Times Jennifer Harper: "New Process Coaxes Hydrogen from Waste" Nation, pg. A7—April 27, 2005

United Press International (UPI) "Cell Can Boost Hydrogen Output 4 Times"—April 27, 2005

United Press International (UPI) "Microbes Can Boost Fuel Cell Performance"—April 22, 2005

United Press International (UPI) Alex Cukan: "Food Processing Wastewater to Energy" Issues of Modern Living—February 10, 2003

Centre Daily Times Mike Joseph "Peterson: Hydrogen Researchers at Forefront"—February 6, 2003

News in Brief from Central Pennsylvania
            NEPA News—February 6, 2003
            The Associated Press & Local Wire—February 6, 2003

The Penn State Daily Collegian Erin Plute: "University Researches Hydrogen Technology"—February 4, 2003

Centre Daily Times Staff Reports "PSU Showcasing Hydrogen Research"—January 27, 2003

Tech Center News Gregory Farnum: "Wastewater May Power Fuel Cells Cars of Tomorrow" pg. 11A—July 1, 2002

Centre Daily Times Staff Reports "University Researchers Use Environmental Sources to Reproduce Hydrogen Fuel Cells" pg. A6—June 5, 2002

United Press International (UPI) "Fermenting Hydrogen Fuel?"—June 3, 2002

Jewish World Review (UPI) "Food Processing Wastewater to Energy"—2002

Radio Stations

Microbeworld Radio Show "A Penn State professor has found that adding a small jolt of electricity to microbial fuel cells makes the more efficient."—April 23, 2008 (Audio)

Research Unplugged Penn State—April 5, 2006 (Audio)

WPSU TV/FM Morning Edition "Sewage Power"—October 21, 2005 (Audio)

KPFK Radio Uprising Sonali Kolhatkar with Thatcher Collins: "Fuel Cell Technology: An Alternative Energy Source"—April 28, 2005 (Print Version)


MSNBC Online Eric Bland "Bad Wine Makes for Good Energy"—December 15, 2009
[PDF Version]

MSNBC Online John Roach "7 ways microbes may solve our energy woes"—December 2, 2009

MSNBC Online Charles Q. Choi "Winery waste makes fuel"—November 3, 2009
[PDF Version]

Discovery News Online "What a Great Vintage Hydrogen You Have"—October 9, 2009
[PDF Version]

US News & World Report Online "Renewable Hydrogen Production Becomes Reality at Winery"— October 6, 2009 [PDF Version]

EnvironmentalResearchWeb "Bacteria could store renewable energy"— April 8, 2009

Dvice "Energy storage device harnesses the awesome power and efficiency of, uh, farts"— April 2009 [PDF Version]

SoftPedia "Microbes Turn Current, Water, CO2 into Methane" — March 31, 2009

National Science Foundation "Microbes Turn Electricity Directly to Methane Without Hydrogen Generation" — March 30, 2009 "Stainless steel replaces platinum in hydrogen producing microbial electrolysis cells" — March 16, 2009

Green Car Congress - Study Concludes That Microbial Electrolysis Cells Are a Promising Approach to Renewable and Sustainable Hydrogen Production—November 10, 2008

The Chronicle of Higher Education "Bruce E. Logan: More Applied Research"—June 20, 2008

The Cost of Energy "Hydrogen, yet again" —November 27, 2007


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