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Publications featuring MFC research by the Logan Group:

Popular Magazines

Scientific American, Top ten World Changing Ideas in 2014: "Spit fired fuel cells", December, 2014

New Scientist Ewen Callaway: "Bug power makes salt water sweet" — August 24, 2009
[Article PDF]

Popular Scientist Catherine Price "The Perfect Biofuel?" — July 2009

New Scientist "Bug eats electricity, farts biogas" — April 6, 2009

New Scientist "Can fuel cells clean up mine waste?" — December 8, 2007

Water Environment & Technology: "Brush Anode, Tubular Cathode Scale Up Microbial Fuel Cells", Vol. 19, No. 7—July 2007

Fuel Cell Today "Researchers at Penn State announce breakthrough in microbial fuel cell development"—March 22, 2007

Chemical Education "Converting Biomass Directly into Electricity", Vol. 84, pp. 12-14, Number 1 — January 2007

Business Week John Carey: "The Tiniest Power Plants" Environment: Bio Energy: Green Biz, pg. 81, Vol. 3987— June 5, 2006

Popular Mechanics Kristin Roth: "Fueling the Future; Microbial Fuel Cell" pg. 86—October 2005

Discover magazine Susan Kruglinski: "Love That Dirty Water (It Can Power Your Home)" Environment—September 30, 2004

Small Times Jack Mason: "Focus on Energy: Power Solutions from Unlikely Sources: Love That Dirty Water"— August 18, 2004

New Scientist Tam Dalyell: "Westminister Diary: Tam Dalyell on a Gem of an Anti-Smuggling Idea, and Generating Electricity from Human Sewage" Politics, pg. 45—May 15, 2004

Scientific American Charles Choi: "PowerSludge" Environment, pg. 38—May 2004

New Scientist Celeste Biever: "Plugging into the Power of Sewage"—March 20, 2004

Business Week Otis Port: "Power Play: Electricity from Sewage Bacteria" Developments to Watch, pg. 106— March 15, 2004

Wired Magazine David Snow: "Shocking Way to Transform Waste"—March 4, 2004

National Geographic Brian Handwerk: "Device Uses Sewage Bacteria to Produce Electricity"—March 1, 2004

Technical Magazines

LiveScience, "Harnessing Microbes to Clean Water and Create Energy" (.PDF) - July 13, 2010

North American Clean Energy Magazine Andrea Messer "Wastewater Produces Energy and Desalinates Water" (PDF) — September/October 2009

Environmental Science & Technology Kellyn Betts: "Using microbes and wastewater to desalinate water" — August 12, 2009

Chemistry World- Profile on Bruce LoganJanuary 2008
            PDF Version

Science Daily Marine Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells Get A Nutritional Boost—June 11, 2007

Technology News Daily Powering Microbial Fuel Cells—June 5, 2007

BioCycle Harnessing The Power of Microbes, Vol. 48, No. 5, p. 49—June 5, 2007 

Innovation Générer de l'électricité tout en purifiant les eaux usées domestiques—March-April 2007

Greenwire Corn growers see wider use beyond food, ethanol —January 18, 2007

Pollution Engineering, 10 Top Technologies for 2007, pp 20-23—January 2007
            Full Article or Shorter Version

Engineering-The Magazine, "Electric ears-Corn waste may provide more than just ethanol", pp14-15—Fall 2006

Public Works Magazine, Third Annual List of the Nation's Top 50 Trendsetters —September 27, 2006

Environmental Science & Technology "Introduction to the Special Section on Microbial Fuel Cells" Vol. 40, Iss.17— September 1, 2006

Environmental Science & Technology "Practical hydrogen from a microbial fuel cell" — April 27, 2005

Membrane Technology "Membranes help to produce energy from waste" — December 2004

ASM News Carol Potera: "Electric Charge from Sewage Discharge" Vol. 70, No. 6, pp. 262-263—November 6, 2004

Aerospace America Edward Flinn: "Microbe Turns Space Waste into Electricity" Engineering Notebook, pg. 22—September 2004

Fuel Cell Industry Report "Pennsylvania" pp.10-11—September 2004

Public Works Carri R. Armstrong: "Wastewater Device Increases Electricity, Decreases Cost" Vol. 135, No. 9, ISSN: 0033-3840 pg. 19—August 1, 2004

Fuel Cells Today "Penn State Researchers Work to Develop Microbial Fuel Cell" pg.0—July 2, 2004

Fuel Cell Technology News "Move Cuts Prototype Costs" Vol. 6, No. 10, Microbial—July 2004

Fuel Cell Today ASME: "Research Begun on New Type of Fuel Cell to Generate Power from Wastewater"—June 28, 2004

Design News "Treat Wastewater, Make Energy" News: Electronics, pg. 36—June 7, 2004

Consulting-Specifying Engineer "Waste Power is Flush with Success" Pure Power, pg. 2—June 1, 2004

Mechanical Engineering Gayle Ehrenman: "From Foul to Fuel"—June 2004

Edie Weekly Sorcha Clifford: "Dirty Pretty Thing: Clean Energy from Wastewater"—May 3, 2004

Civil Engineering Magazine Jessica Binns: "Bacteria Can Treat Wastewater to Create Electricity" Technology —May 2004

R & D "Microbes Yield Power" Departments: Emerging Technologies: Eureka pg. 38—April 1, 2004

"Microbial Fuel Cell Cleans Wastewater" Vol. 8, No. 4, ISSN: 1095-1415, Research and Development, pp.10-11—April 2004

"Researchers Devise Double-Duty Fuel Cell: Produce Power and Clean Effluent" Vol. 8, No. 4, ISSN: 1095-1415, Around the Industry, pp. 8-9—April 2004

Issues Update Richard Ball: Newsweek Issue 29 "Researchers Develop Microbial Fuel Cell that Runs Off Sewage"—March 3, 2004

Process Engineering "Bacteria Power" Technology Today —March 2004

Nature Magazine Philip Ball: "Sucking Energy Out of the Drain"—February 26, 2004

Science Daily National Science Foundation: "Fuel-Cell Microbes' Double Duty: Treat Wastewater, Make Energy"—February 24, 2004

Science News

Renewable Energy Global Innovations News of Fuel Cells: "Information on the paper by Zhang et al. "COD removal characteristics in air-cathode microbial fuel cells. March 1, 2015. Link to website; pdf

WaterTechOnline "NWRI announces 2009 Clarke Prize recipient"
— May 14, 2009

Ingenørian "Mikroorganisme tilsat strøm omdanner CO2 til metan" — March 31, 2009 (Dutch)
    PDF Version (Dutch)

Science Letter "New science and technology research has been reported by scientists at Pennsylvania State University" — July 8, 2008

Fuel Cells Works Marine Marine Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells Get A Nutritional Boost — June 4, 2007

Water Waste Treatment Goska Romanowicz: "Electricity-generating wastewater plants edge closer"—February 13, 2007

Waste News Elizabeth McGowan: "Author's unsavory journey finds him flush with ideas", NEWS, pg.12—June 5, 2006

"Microbial Moxie" Aimee Cunninham: Vol. 169, pg.72-73—February 4, 2006

The Fuel Cell Review Barbara Heydorn & Rosamund Gee "Biofuel Cells: Can They Fulfil their Promise?" pp. 23-26— October/November 2004

"Electrifying Toxic Cleanup: Electrodes Could Stimulate Removal of Radioactive Waste"  Alexandra Goho: Vol. 166, No. 10, ISSN: 0036-8423, pg. 147—September 4, 2004

The Engineer Karen Miller: "From U-Bend to Fuel Cell"—May 19, 2004

Waste News Tracy Hayhurst: "System Uses Wastewater to Create Electricity" pg. 18—April 26, 2004

"Fuel Cell Draws Energy from Waste"  Alexandra Goho: Vol. 165, No. 11, ISSN: 0036-8423, pg. 165—March 13, 2004


The Jerusalem Post "Turning a profit on sludge" — September 11, 2008

Hindustan Times "Now, a device that converts toxic waste into electricity" — December 27, 2007

Xinhua General News Service "New fuel cell cleans up pollution, produces electricity" — December 3, 2007

The Washington Post  Lori Aratani "Student Tries to Capture the Power of Sewage" — February 28, 2007

Washington Times Ann Geracimos "Recycling Waste"  — October 5, 2006

Pittsburgh Post Gazette David Templeton "Microbes gobble corn and spit out electricity" —August 2, 2006

Centre Daily Times James Endres Howell "Penn State engineers test microbial-made fuel" —February 20, 2006

Columbus Dispatch Mike Lafferty: "Scientists Obtain Watts from Wastewater" News-Science, pg. 6A — November 9, 2004

The Toronto Star Washington Post: "Bright Idea" Life, pg. L8 — November 6, 2004

The Commercial Appeal Bill Laing: "Energy Derived from Sewage" New: Briefly, Pg. A —November 1, 2004

The Myrtle Beach Sun News "System Could Turn Sewage into Energy Source" Brief: Monday Globe: Around the Country: Pennsylvania, Pg. A8 — November 1, 2004

The Washington Post "Notebook" Science pg. A12 — November 1, 2004

United Press International (UPI) "Device Produces Electricity, Cleans Water" — June 15, 2004

The Seattle Times Darrell Hay: "Toilet Power" pg. 12 — June 6, 2004

Science Blog "Cheaper Wastewater-Fueled Device Produces More Electricity" — June 2004

Geelong Advertiser "Sewage Could be Power Source" Australia: News, pg. 11 — April 27, 2004

Illawarra Mercury "Spend a Penny and Save" Australia: News, pg. 6 — April 27, 2004

The Daily Telegraph "Power Source in the Can" Local, pg. 9 — April 27, 2004

The Star Phoenix Les MacPherson: "Fruits of Fibre Could Draw Major Energy Savings" pg. A3 — April 27, 2004

National Science Foundation: "Fuel Cell Microbes Double Duty: Treat Wastewater, Make Energy" Energy and Environment — March 23, 2004

Chicago Tribune Jon Van: "VoIP Applications Erase Boundaries" Business, Inside Technology, pg. 3 — February 28, 2004

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Byron Spice: "Penn State Scientists use Bacteria to Turn Sewage into Electricity" Science — February 25, 2004

The Pawtucket Times "Microbe Fuel Cells Can Clean Dirty Water" National News: Environment — February 24, 2004

Radio Stations

Living on Earth "Microbes Transform Wastewater to Energy." At Penn State, engineers are creating a promising new energy technology. They've designed a microbial fuel cell, using bacteria to clean wastewater and produce electicity.

Microbeworld Radio Show Microbial Fuel Cells "A Penn State professor has found that adding a small jolt of electricity to microbial fuel cells makes the more efficient." — April 23, 2008 (Audio)

Research Unplugged — April 5, 2006 (Audio)

WPSU TV/FM Morning Edition "Sewage Power" — October 21, 2005 (Audio)

ACF Newsource The Osgood File, "Sewage Power" — January 31, 2005 (Print Version)

CBS Radio Network The Osgood File Charles Osgood "Using Wastewater to Produce Energy"—October 15, 2004 (Print Version)

Science Update Bob Hirshon "Electricity from Sewage"— May 13, 2004 (Audio)

Living on Earth Cynthia Graber: "Emerging Science Note/Microbial Fuel Cells" — February 27, 2004
     Audio Version
     Print Version


Water Desalination Report  "Wastewater + Salt = H2O + Energy" Vol. 45, No. 29 — August 10, 2009 (PDF) Clay Dillow: "Microbial Fuel Cell Cleans Wastewater, Desalinates Seawater, and Generates Power" — August 6, 2009 [Article PDF]

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter "Catalysis: ......And Replacing Pt with Steel Works in Microbial Electrolysis, Penn State Team Finds" — April 2009 [Article PDF]

ISA InTech "Stainless steel gives a cheaper microbial cell boost" — March 19, 2009

Pharma Law Weekly "Research from Pennsylvania State University yields new findings on microbiology and biotechnology" — September 9, 2008

The Chronicle of Higher Education Lila Guterman "12 Scientists Will Share $120-Million From Saudis" Pg. 1 Vol. 54 No. 41 — June 20, 2008

Penn State Live Penn State engineers mentor high school students to science fair success —June 26, 2007

Scenta Crab shells boost fuel cells—June 12, 2007

EnvironmentalResearchWeb Crab shells could power ocean sensors —June 12, 2007 New Food for Microbial Fuel Cells —June 6, 2007

Marine Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells Get Nutritional Boost —June 5, 2007
  —June 5, 2007
            Innovations Report—June 5, 2007
  —June 4, 2007
  —June 4, 2007

Researchers' findings from Pennsylvania State University, U.S., advance research
            Hospital Business Week—April 1 , 2007
            Hospital Law Weekly—March 29, 2007
            Hospital & Nursing Home Week—March 29, 2007
            Health & Medicine Week—March 26, 2007

Recent developments from Pennsylvania State University, U.S., highlighted
            Hospital Business Week —March 4, 2007
            Hospital Law Weekly—March 1, 2007
            Hospital & Nursing Home Week—March 1, 2007

Les Echos Global Warming & Hungry for Organic Matter French&English—March 2007

Energie+ Brogtrop Pennsylvania Action English Final—February 2007

Edie News Centre Electricity-generating wastewater plants edge closer—February 13 , 2007

The Iron, Faculty Spotlight—Fall 2006

Corn waste may hold potential for electricity production
            Pharma Investments, Ventures & Law Weekly—August 13, 2006
            Law & Health Weekly—August 12, 2006
            Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week—August 12, 2006
            Biotech Week—August 8, 2006
            Aging & Elder Health Week—August 8, 2006
            Life Science Weekly—August 8, 2006
            Science Letter—August 8, 2006
            World Disease Weekly—August 8, 2006
            Health & Medicine Week—August 7, 2006 Hydrogen From Corn Waste—July 24, 2006

The Engineer Online Stover Powering—July 20, 2006 Electricity from Steam Exploded Corn Plant Remains—July 19, 2006

Study: Corn waste potentially valuable
            UPI-NewsTrack—July 19, 2006
   —July 19, 2006
            Political Gateway—July 19, 2006

Corn waste potentially more than ethanol
            Penn State Live—July 19, 2006
   —July 19, 2006
  —July 19, 2006
  —July 19, 2006
  —July 19, 2006
  —July 19, 2006 Researchers use corn waste to generate electricity—July 19, 2006

Town and Gown Johanna Ostrich: "State's Greats"— December 2005


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