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Penn State Live "Renewable hydrogen production becomes reality at winery" — September 29, 2009
PDF Version

Penn State Live "Wastewater produces electricity and desalinates water" — August 6, 2009 [Press Release PDF]

Research Penn State "For Bruce Logan, sewage treatment and clean energy
go hand in hand
" — June 15, 2009

Penn State Live "Microbes turn carbon dioxide into methane" — March 30, 2009
PDF Version

Penn State Live "Stainless steel replaces platinum to produce hydrogen" — March 13, 2009
PDF Version

psiee highlights "KAUST INVESTIGATOR: A conversation with Bruce Logan" — Spring 2009

Office of the Senior Vice President for Research Annual Report "Waste Makes Power" — 2008

International Mosaic "Kaust Connection" — Fall 2008

EurekaAlert "Marine sediment microbial fuel cells get a nutritional boost" — June 4, 2007

Penn State Live "Brush Anode and Tubular Cathode Scale Up Microbial Fuel Cells" — March 21, 2007

PSIEE News "Logan Article Named "Hot Paper" by ACS Publications" - March 7, 2007

The Daily Collegian "Energy methods develop at PSU "—July 28, 2006

Penn State Live "Researchers Use Corn Waste to Generate Electricity" —July 19, 2006

EurekaAlert "Corn Waste Potentially More Than Ethanol" —July 19, 2006

Penn State Live "Logan Wins Award From Popular Mechanics Magazine" — September 29, 2005

Penn State Live "Microbial fuel cell: High hydrogen yield hydrogen source and wastewater cleaner" — April 22, 2005

Penn State Live "Cheaper wastewater-fueled device produces more electricity" — June 15, 2004

Penn State Live "Microbial Fuel Cell Cleans, Generates Electricity From Domestic Wastewater" — February 23, 2004

Penn State Live "It pays to convert food processing wastewater to energy source" — February 7, 2004


Desalination Device — 2009

Direct Methane — 2009

Brush Anode — 2007
High-Yield Hydrogen Source — 2005

Microbial Fuel Cells — 2004


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