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Patent # Description Date
6,328,891 Process for the biological purification of a water containing ammonium perchlorate
Inventors: Marie Gaudre-Longerinas, Jean-Michel Tauzia
December 11, 2001
6,214,607 Method and apparatus for treating perchlorate-contaminated drinking water
Inventor: Bruce E. Logan
 April 10, 2001
6,077,432 Bio-degradation of ammonium perchlorate, nitrate, hydrolysates and other energetic materials
Inventors: Edward N. Coppola, Glen R. McDonald
June 20, 2000
6,077,429 Bacterial removal of perchlorate and nitrate
Inventor: Frankenberger, JR.
June 20, 2000
5,948,260 Process for bioreduction of propelleant wastewater
Inventors: Hubert H. Attaway III, John F. Shanahan, James A. Hurley
September 7, 1999
5,891,339 Process for the degradation of chlorite
Inventors: Cornelis Gijsbertus Van Ginkel, Alexander Gerardus Maria Kroon Rudolf Jan Van Wijk
April 6, 1999
3,943,055 Process for purification of industrial waste waters from perchlorates and chlorates
Inventors: Korenkov; Romanenko; Kuznetsov; Voronov
March 9, 1976

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