Past Research Projects

CRAEMS - Molecular Level Analysis of Macromolecule-Surface Interactions in Bacterial Adhesion



Biofuel Cell Research


Bruce Logan , Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering;
Jay Regan, Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering;
Michael Pishko, Dept. Chemical Engineering
Greg Ferry, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Penn State Huck Life Science Institute, September 2003 - August 2006, $60,000.

Project Summary

In this project we are examining methods to produce electricity using a variety of different types of biofuel cells. Our aim is to develop small, portable methods of powering devices that need low amounts of electricity. These include, for example, biofuel cells based on redox polymer/enzyme electron transfer complexes to recover energy from the biosensor's local microenvironment (i.e. from blood, interstitial fluid) for applications in powering implanted or transcutaneous sensors. We are also investigating using inexpensive microbial fuel cells. In other aspects of the project we will explore genetic engineering methods to enhance hydrogen production from cellulost, and the physiological basis of energy production in anaerobes. This project is funded by the Huck Life Sciences Institute under their seed grant program.


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