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Microbial fuel cells & salinity gradient energy General lecture given in various forms in fall 2013 and spring 2014.

Salinity Gradient Energy

AEESP Lecture at Drexel University 2015: Energy generation from water: Just add salt. (February 11, 2015; on the Drexel University website)


AEESP Lecture at UNC Chapel Hill 2014. Video: “Energy generation from water: Just add salt”. (February 6, 2015; on YouTube)


Clarke Prize Conference 2014. Video: “Using reverse electrodialysis and capacitive mixing to extract energy from salinity gradients (or waste heat)”. (November 7, 2014) (On the NWRI website, length 25 minutes) (pdf of slides)

Microbial Fuel Cells and other MxCs Clarke Prize Conference 2012: Microbial fuel cells meet salinity gradient energy: A summary of MFC advances and how we can capture energy from salinity gradients. (On NWRI website)
  Stanford/GCEP Lecture: Introduction to MFCs and MECs, and using MECs to produce methane-pdf file. Coming soon: Link to video presentation (October 11, 2012)
  NSF Video: Professional video on MFCs for wastewater treatment (Summer 2010)
  MIT Lecture:  at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), March 2, 2010 on MFCs and and MECs (Link is to MIT website)
  TV News: ABC television news story about pilot-scale reactor at the Napa Wince Company (on WABC site) (September 2009)
  General presentation: Microbial fuel cells and microbial electrolysis cells (2008)
  From the 2004 Paul L. Busch Award Ceremony at the WERF Subscriber Luncheon (2004): Harvesting Energy from Wastewater Treatment using MFCs
  Videos about Hydrogen:
Making H2 a reality- Penn State Video
-  Interview of Bruce Logan by Patti Satalia (WPSU)
Introduction to Hydrogen Day at Penn State in 2004
YouTube videos
Use this link to see videos on MFCs and H2. Note the two tabs on this channel: videos (on this channel) and feed (from other sites)
  For a general overview of my research, see the video on the E3I website:
Media coverage WPSU interview with Bruce Logan on creating "inexhaustible" Energy Source

ABC TV: Coverage of an MEC in Napa, CA

More Media listings

Professional presentations
- Making effective powerpoint presentations (updated 7/1/2014)
   {Same file, but a pdf version instead of pptx. Note: animation and other effects will not appear in pdf file}
- Getting Tenure, and Beyond- From the 2002 AEESP Conference
    {The "managing research" file below is an updated version}
- Managing Research and Publishing Papers (posted 11/19/2007)
- Writing pointers (1-13-2012)
{General pointers on writing papers}
-  Advice on choosing research topics, writing papers and writing pointers (12-4-2012) (includes writing pointers)

Environmental Engineering at Penn State
- Learn about research activities by the Environmental Engineering Group at Penn State
- Kappe Labs Tour

Classes CE 572: Biological Wastewater Treatment
- Nitrifying Trickling Filter (NTF) design
- Tour of the State College WWTP- 2003
  CE 576: Environmental Transport Processes
- Diffusion
- Molecular size distributions & Permeation coefficient model
  Geosci 597:

BRIE class- Microscopy techniques (AFM and fluorescence imaging)

Perchlorate From the 2002 Perchlorate Conference in Ontario, CA
- Introduction and Overview of Perchlorate Remediation
- Laboratory Reactors: Sand
- Laboratory Reactors: Hydrogen
- Pilot Scale Reactors: Sand media
- Pilot Scale Reactors: Plastic media

HBOD Test - Using the HBOD test

- Particle analyzers & Discovery of TEP in the ocean
- Fractals


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