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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Environmental EngineeringTeaching Laboratory 

The teaching laboratory is the location of C E 475 and C E 479 environmental engineering labs. Various professors and teaching assistants use this facility to instruct Penn State's up and coming environmental engineers.

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 Dr. Shaoan Cheng, post-doc in Dr. Bruce Logan's group, researches new electrode materials for MFC's. Dr. Shaoan Cheng
  Morgan working Morgan Minyard, Ph.D. student in Dr. Bill Burgos' group, studies biological iron reduction in an anaerobic chamber.
  Hui Tan, Ph.D. student in Dr. Bill Burgos' group, prepares media for biological iron reduction research. Hui prepares media
  Melissa analyzes uranium Melissa Russell, MS student in Dr. Brian Dempsey's group, analyzes uranium solutions for bioremediation research.