Department of

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Instrument Room

Containing many of the lab's larger peices of equipment, Room 16, used for teaching and research, has been dubbed the instrument room.  It holds the following instruments:

Gas Chromatographs
Ion Chromatograph
Carbon Analyzers
Particle Counters
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Pore Size Distribution and
Surface-Area Analyzer
Toxicity Analyzer
Supercritical Fluid Extractor
Surface Area/Pore Structure Analyzers
Accelerated Rate Calorimeter

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Mary Ann analyzes groundwater Mary Ann Robinson, MS student in Dr. Rachel Brennan's group, analyzes groundwater samples by IC.

Jen McElhoe, Ph.D. student in Dr. Rachel Brennan's group, analyzes bioremediation samples by HPLC. Jen analyzes bioremediation samples

Dave analyzes alcohols and fatty acids Dave Jones, project assistant, analyzes alcohols and fatty acids from MFC reactors by GC.

Porosimeters, used by Dr. Fred Cannon's group to research activated carbon in waste treatment. Porosimeters