Important DACA Message from the Dean

Dear Penn State Engineering Students,

In light of the recent decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, we in the College of Engineering want to reassure our affected students that they are valued and will continue to be supported in our college.

Dreamers are integral members of our engineering community. As President Barron stated earlier in the week, “Every student at this university earned the right to be here based on academic talent and hard work.” The contributions of our diverse student body have helped us become a world class engineering school.

We realize how difficult this time of uncertainty may be for some of our students. Please know we are here if you need us. College of Engineering faculty, staff, and administration are available to discuss all concerns. You may contact the Center for Outreach and Inclusion at 814-865-6613 or stop by the office in 211 Hammond.

Additionally, you could reach out to your department academic adviser, the pre-major advisers in 208 Hammond Building, or a counselor at the Multicultural Resource Center in 220 Grange Building for support, guidance, and additional resources. In addition, campus-wide resources are summarized below.

The College of Engineering will continue to advocate for all of our students, as they pursue their academic and career aspirations and contribute to the diverse fabric that helps make our college great.

Campus Resources:


Dr. Justin Schwartz
Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering