Diversity at the College of Engineering

The College of Engineering is committed to fostering diversity by offering a welcoming and supportive environment for its students, faculty, staff, and other constituents and to nurturing a learning and working environment that respects differences in culture, age, gender, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation.

Recognizing that diversity enriches the educational experience, improves the practice and profession of engineering, and enhances creativity and professional growth in the workplace, the College emphasizes both demographic and intellectual diversity. This requires continued effort to attract and develop qualified persons of diverse backgrounds to participate in its educational, research, and outreach mission and programs; a curriculum and other learning experiences that provide exposure to diverse cultures, human characteristics, and ways of thinking; and an organizational climate that stimulates innovation, values diverse contributions, and encourages performance that leads to the advancement of its constituents.

Adopted by:
Academic Council (February 3, 2005)
Engineering Faculty Council (February 22, 2005)