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The e-Petition system allows a student to submit requests for substitutions, exceptions, and waivers.  Students may request to substitute courses that they have previously taken at Penn State or at other institutions for degree requirements.  They may also submit requests for courses that they plan to take in the future.

Upon submission of a petition, an e-mail will be sent to the student's honors advisor for Schreyer Scholars, or to the undergraduate coordinator in the student's major in order to begin the petition review process. 

There are four possible outcomes for any petition. 

Resubmit:  The petition must be resubmitted by the student with more supporting documentation or information.

Not needed:  The request is not necessary because it is not an exception.

Support/Approve:  The request was approved and the degree audit will be adjusted accordingly.

Not Supported/Denied:  The request was NOT approved. 


Your Active Petitions

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To view petitions that require your attention you must first go to www.engr.psu.edu/e-petition where you will be greeted with the following page:
First e-Petition login page.
Click on "Click here to log in" and use your Penn State access and password to log in to the e-Petition system.

Student home page.
After you log in, you will go to a page that looks like the one on the left.  This is your home page and will show you a list of petitions that need your attention, as well as a list of petitions that you have already processed but are still active in the system.

When a petition is ready for your input, an email will inform you that a task requires your attention with a link to log in.

To view and respond to any of the petitions awaiting your input click "View →"

Student home page.
After clicking "View →" you will be able to view information about the student who submitted the petition and the request.  Below the detailed student/petition information is an area for you to select the next step in the petition process.

For all users except the implementers there are five options for the petition, four of which correspond to the outcomes listed in the overview above.  The first option allows you to send the petition to any person outside the normal loop with a Penn State email address.  That person will then receive an email with instructions to log in and respond. After responding, the petition will be returned to you with any supporting documentation that you may have requested.

If you select "Not Needed" or "Resubmit with more information" the petition will be returned to the student with relevant instructions.  If "Resubmit with more information" was selected, the student can resubmit the petition with the requested information and/or documentation.

If "Not Supported/Denied" is selected, the petition will be forwarded to the appropriate implementer.  The implementer will record the denial.  The implementer may also send the petition to someone outside the normal loop before the final implementation step is taken.

After you respond to the request, the petition will be sent to the next person in the process.

Student home page.
If you are the implementer in the petition process then you are the final step in the workflow and there are six options to choose from when making a decision on a petition.  Along with the normal options to divert, deny, request more information, or deciding the petition is not needed (see above for more explanation on these) there are two available options to approve for the implementer.  The first option "Support/Approve (Degree audit has been changed)" should be selected if you are able to change the degree audit at this time and the petition process is complete.  If you are unable to change the petition at this time you should select "Support/Approve (Degree audit must be changed at a later date)".  If you are unable to change the degree audit at the time of approving the petition then the petition will be placed "On Hold" until you are able to change the degree audit. 

On hold petitions can be accessed by going to the "Petitions On Hold" menu selection.  When you are able to change the degree audit of a petitiong listed on your "On Hold" page simply check the box under "Degree Audit Changed?" next to the petition for which you are changing the degree audit.

Finally, you have the option send a short email to the student's advisor explaning a petition has been approved for one of their advisees and they may view the completed petition information in EARS. 

Student home page.
While the petitions are active, you may review the responses of all who are on the review/decision path by checking the second list on your home page.  Here you can see the next person in line to make a decision and when the last decision was made.  After the petition has been returned to the student and is complete petitions will be available for review in your "Petition History".


Vacation dates and alternatives

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First e-Petition login page.
To indicate an alternate and dates during which to send petitions to him/her, click on "Edit vacation times / alternates".  Set the start and end dates of your next vacation and select the user ID of the person who will replace you during the duration.  If you do not choose an alternate then you will continue to receive notifications for pending petitions even if you are on vacation.


What if I have problems?

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If you experience errors or unintended actions during the use of this application, please contact Seth Kauffman in the College of Engineering IS department.

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Does this tutorial need updated?  Is there an error?  Please send an email with a description to Seth Kauffman.