e-Petition - Student Tutorial

  1. Overview
  2. Creating a petition
  3. Receiving petition results
  4. Reviewing past petitions
  5. What if I have problems?



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The e-Petition system enables you to submit requests for substitutions, exceptions, and waivers to complete your degree requirements.  You may request the substitutions of courses you have taken at Penn State or other institutions for your Penn State degree, or you may request substitutions of courses that you plan to take in the future. 

Once the petition is submitted it will be forwarded to the advisers and administrators responsible for the approval process.  During this time, you may view the progress of the petition on the e-Petition site.  Once a final decision is made, an email will be sent to you with a link to log in and view the final response to your request.  You will also be able to view comments and documentation provided by those who reviewed your petition. 

There are four possible outcomes for your petition. 

Resubmit:  Somewhere along the approval path, more information was requested.  Please resubmit your petition with the requested documentation or contact your adviser if you need clarification.

Not needed:  If you receive this response, the request has already been implemented and is therefore not necessary, or the request is not an exception or a waiver.

Support/Approve:  This indicates that your request was approved and the appropriate changes to your Degree Audit will be implemented.  Please check your audit after about one week to make sure that the approved changes were implemented.

Not Supported/Denied:  This indicates that your request was NOT approved.  You may check the comments and documentation.


Creating a petition

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To begin the petition process you must first go to www.engr.psu.edu/e-petition where you will be greeted with the following page:
First e-Petition login page.
Click on "Click here to log in" and use your Penn State access and password to log in to the e-Petition system.

Student home page.
The next page is your home page.  From here you can create a new petition by clicking the link "Begin a new petition...".  You may also click "Start a new petition" on the left side of the page under "e-Petition". 

From this page you may also view the petitions that you have submitted and are currently active.  They are listed below the "Active Petitions" heading.

Student petition page.
After clicking the link to start a new petition you will be taken to this page.  Select the link which most closely describes the situation.

Student petition page.
Next, you will be presented with the form that must be completed in its entirety.  If you have any questions about the form please ask your adviser.  After you complete the form, click "Submit", and you will receive a message that your petition has been successfully submitted.  If an error occurs please contact Seth Kauffman.

A justification must be entered as part of the submission. You are encouraged to upload supporting documentation.  To do this, simply enter a description of the file you wish to upload and then press the "Choose & Upload File" button next to the comments box.

*Please note you may list up to 5 courses for your substitution as part of one petition.  Additional course entry fields will be available after filling in the first.

Student petition page.
After submitting the form you will be able to view its status at any time from your "Pending Petitions" page, under the heading "Active Petitions".

You will receive an email from the e-Petition system when your petition is complete and then you can log in to review the results.


Receiving petition results

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After you have submitted a petition you may check its status at any time by logging into the e-Petition system to check your pending petitions.

First e-Petition login page.
To view the status of the petition click "View →"

Petition Preview.
On the petition status page, you can view details about your petition and see where it is along the path, as well as email addresses, responses, dates/times, and comments from the reviewers. 

Petition Email.
After the final decision is made, you will receive an email such as the one on the left.  Once you log in, you will be able to click "My Petition History" to see a list of your completed petitions. 

Petition History.
Click "View →" by the petition for which you would like to see the results.

Petition Results.
The response to your request will be highlighted at the top.  In this example, the request was approved.  With the review and approval path also shown.


Reviewing past petitions

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You may review past petitions, decisions, and documentation at any time by logging into the system and selecting "My Petition History" from the navigation bar on the left.

First e-Petition login page.
This page displays a list of past petitions and their outomes.  Click "View →" to view details about any of the petitions.  If the petition you are seeking is not on this page, it may still be active.  In that case, select "My Pending Petitions" from the navigation bar on the left.

Petition Results.
The response to your request will be highlighted at the top.  In this example, the request was approved, with the review and approval path also shown.


What if I have problems?

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If you have questions about the information that you must enter and the options to select on the web form, ask your advisor for assistance.  If you have problems submitting the form that are not related to the information entered, or you encounter an error while using the system, please contact Seth Kauffman in the Engineering IS department, indicate the error you received and what you were attempting to do when the error occurred.

Back to e-Petition login page.

Does this tutorial need updated?  Is there an error?  Please send an email with a description to Seth Kauffman.