About the E3I: Welcome

In the world that we live in today, there are unlimited opportunities for engineers to engage in activities that will help solve local and global energy and environmental issues. Activities in the College of Engineering (COE) include addressing existing energy and environmental challenges through forward-looking activities aimed towards avoiding future environmental problems and developing new energy technologies.

The main focus of the Engineering Energy and Environmental Institute (E3I) is to stimulate new innovations in energy and environmental research. The E3I helps to provide increased visibility of the Penn State engineering programs working in these important areas, and provide guidance on new research directions that will stimulate innovations in technologies relating to the energy and the environment.

You can find out what research engineers are doing related to energy and environmental topics in the COE by browsing our E3I website. We provide links to pages that summarize environmental and energy activities by department, and links to researchers in these departments that describe their energy and environmental research.

Engineers will make the difference in solving environmental and energy problems and helping to promote and create an environmentally-sustainable society that produces energy in beneficial ways. We encourage you, through the links and information provided through the E3I website, to learn about our activities and to help us make a difference in these important topics.

The E3I activities are overseen by a Steering Committee composed of members from each of the participating departments and programs in the College of Engineering. Please feel free to contact these members to find out more about activities in their departments and programs.

Bruce Logan
Director, Engineering Energy and Environmental Institute