People: List of E3I Affiliates

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Researcher Department Research Interests
Atchley, Anthony Acoustics Aviation noise, outdoor sound propagation
Bradley, David Acoustics Anthropogenic impact on ocean noise; the impact of carbon sequestration on oceanic sound field properties
Gabrielson, Thomas B. Acoustics TBD
Garrett, Steven L. Acoustics Thermoacoustic engines & refrigerators, sonic gas analyzers
Keolian, Robert Acoustics Waste heat utilization through thermoacoustic energy conversion to electricity
Miksis-Olds, Jennifer Acoustics Marine and terrestrial environments through acoustic applications
Reichard, Karl Acoustics Monitoring and control of electrical and mechanical systems to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency
Sparrow, Victor Acoustics Effects of sonic booms on the ocean surface
Swanson, David Acoustics  
Brentner, Kenneth Aerospace Engineering Wind turbine aerodynamic noise
Lesieutre, George Aerospace Engineering Vibration damping and control, actuation and adaptive structures, spacecraft, aircraft, wind turbines
Maughmer, Mark Aerospace Engineering Aircraft drag reduction to minimize fuel burn, aircraft configuration design to allow for the use of alternative fuels such as H2, wind turbine aerodynamics and performance
Schmitz, Sven Aerospace Engineering Wind turbine aerodynamics, optimization methods of high-performance and low-fatigue wind turbine blades, complex wake interactions in large wind farms, mitigation of performance loss due to wind turbine icing
Stewart, Susan Aerospace Engineering Pennsylvania Wind for Schools, wind energy education, wind resource analysis and site specific design, solar/wind project development issues, Smart grid technologies and integration, Thermal-fluid design and optimization
Brown, Nicole Agricultural and Biological Engineering Adhesives; wood composites; chemistry of wood biopolymers and other chemical treatment of wood
Catchmark, Jeffrey Agricultural and Biological Engineering Cellulose synthesis and assembly, cellulose nanocomposite materials and coatings, microbial cellulose
Gall, Heather Agricultural and Biological Engineering Fate and transport of emerging contaminants
Demirci, Ali Agricultural and Biological Engineering Bioenergy, bioreactor design, microbial fermentation
Elliot, Herschel Agricultural and Biological Engineering Industrial and agricultural waste treatment, odor management, water quality, soil decontamination
Hamlett, James Agricultural and Biological Engineering Nonpoint source pollution, watershed hydrology, soil physics
Heinemann, Paul Agricultural and Biological Engineering Emissions from agricultural productions, Mushroom industry carbon footprint
Michael, Judd Agricultural and Biological Engineering Corporate environmental management, sustainable business management
Richard, Tom L. Agricultural and Biological Engineering Microbial systems engineering, manure management, bioconversion of lignicellulosic biomass
Smith, Paul Agricultural and Biological Engineering Forest products marketing, technology-driven product/market development, bio-energy/fuel supply chains
Wheeler, Eileen Fabian Agricultural and Biological Engineering Air quality, gas emissions, greenhouse environment control, waste treatment
Anumba, Chimay Architectural Engineering Advanced engineering informatics, artificial intelligence, construction
Bahnfleth, William Architectural Engineering Thermal storage, district heating and cooling, air quality, building energy modeling
Freihaut, James Architectural Engineering Indoor air quality, air treatment/filtration solutions
Houser, Kevin Architectural Engineering Lighting systems for the built environment
Mistrick, Richard Architectural Engineering Lighting systems modeling, building energy
Riley, David Architectural Engineering Solar photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, energy efficiency
Treado, Steve Architectural Engineering Building mechanical systems and controls, renewable energy, system integration and optimization
Curtis, Wayne Chemical Engineering Biofuels from algae and cellulose, cellulosic biomass
Gomez, Enrique Chemical Engineering Organic solar cells
Janik, Michael Chemical Engineering Electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Kumar, Manish Chemical Engineering Biological molecules and polymers
Kim, Seong Chemical Engineering Nanotribology
Maranas, Janna Chemical Engineering Lithium ion batteries, fuel cells
Matsoukas, Themis Chemical Engineering Colloid chemistry of So-Gel nanoparticles, plasma colloids
Rioux, Robert Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous catalysis for energy applications, nanostructure catalysis
Velegol, Darrell Chemical Engineering Development of colloidal-size photo-electrochemical collectors for solar energy
Brennan, Rachel Civil & Environmental Engineering Treatment of acid mine drainage, in-situ bioremediation of soil and groundwater contaminants
Burgos, William Civil & Environmental Engineering Bioremediation of soil and groundwater, contaminant interactions with natural organic matter
Cannon, Fred Civil & Environmental Engineering Water, air and hazardous waste treatment, advances oxidation/adsorption for reducing air pollution in foundries
Duffy, Christopher Civil & Environmental Engineering Concentration discharge dynamics in watersheds
Gorski, Christopher Civil & Environmental Engineering Contaminant fate in engineered and natural systems
Johnson, Peggy Civil & Environmental Engineering River hydraulics, bridge scour, stream restoration, watershed modeling
Logan, Bruce Civil & Environmental Engineering Bioenergy production, microbial fuel cells, biological hydrogen production
Mejia, Alfonso Civil & Environmental Engineering Hydrologic modeling and forecasting, water resources sustainability
Regan, John Civil & Environmental Engineering Nutrient removal, microbial fuel cells, biological hydrogen production
Scheetz, Barry Civil & Environmental Engineering Materials for environmental applications, waste management
Shankar, Venky Civil & Environmental Engineering Modeling of travel demand, safety, infrastructure, and interactions with the environment
Shen, Chaopeng Civil & Environmental Engineering Large scale hydrology, computational hydrology, land surface process
Acharya, Raj Computer Science & Engineering Bioinformatics, data mining, netcentric computing, information fusion
Barlow, Jesse Computer Science & Engineering Scientific computing, numerical linear algebra in image processing
Cao, Guohong Computer Science & Engineering Mobile computing, wireless networks, sensor networks, wireless network security
Sivasubramaniam, Anand Computer Science & Engineering Operating systems, computer architecture, databases, mobile computing, performance evaluation
Urgaonkar, Bhuvan Computer Science & Engineering Cloud computing, data centers, distributed systems, fault tolerance, operating systems/virtual machines, performance evaluation, power management, storage systems
Reed, Terry Continuing and Distance Education Identify, develop, and implement programs to serve the lifelong learning needs of alumni and other engineering and technical professionals.
Aydin, Kultegin Electrical Engineering Atmospheric radar
Bilén, Sven Electrical Engineering Space systems
Doherty, John Electrical Engineering Signal processing
Giebink, Chris Electrical Engineering Solar cells
Kane, Tim Electrical Engineering Remote sensing
Mayer, Jeffrey Electrical Engineering Power systems
Narayanan, Ram Electrical Engineering Radar systems
Pasko, Victor Electrical Engineering Atmospheric electricity
Schiano, Jeffrey Electrical Engineering Control systems
Tadigadapa, Srinivas Electrical Engineering Microelectromechanical systems
Urbina, Julio Electrical Engineering Space physics
Werner, Douglas Electrical Engineering Electro-magnetic modeling
Zhang, Qiming Electrical Engineering Electronic materials
Wheeler, Tim Electrical Engineering System engineering
Ashok, S. Engineering Science & Mechanics Materials research
Bakis, Charles Engineering Science & Mechanics Fiber reinforced polymers for high performance flywheel energy storage
Horn, Mark Engineering Science & Mechanics Microelectromechanical systems, sculptured thin films, nanolithography
Lakhtakia, Akhlesh Engineering Science & Mechanics Biomimetic microstructuring of solar cells, thin-film solar cells
Lanagan, Michael Engineering Science & Mechanics Energy storage in capacitors
Lissenden, Clifford Engineering Science & Mechanics Wind and nuclear energy
Rose, Joseph Engineering Science & Mechanics Renewable and nonrenewable nuclear, fossil and wind energy
Segall, Albert Engineering Science & Mechanics High-temperature materials, thermal shock, and design, nuclear reactor coatings for enhanced critical heat flux, and parasitic energy losses via friction.
Shaw, Barbara Engineering Science & Mechanics Materials engineering
Suliman, Samia Engineering Science & Mechanics Semiconductor devices/materials for power and energy
Tittmann, Bernhard Engineering Science & Mechanics Physical acoustics and sensor technology
Cannon, David Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Robotics and control, manufacturing and human-machine systems
Freivalds, Andris Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Industrial ergonomics, cumulative trauma disorders, biomechanics, energy expenditure
Pang, Guodong Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Operations management, large-scale service systems
Prabhu, Vittal Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Distributed systems and control, sensing and control of machines and processes
Ravindran, A. Ravi Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Risk management in global supply chains
Shanbhag, Uday Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Theory and algorithms for optimization and equilibrium problems, design and operations of power systems and markets
Voight, Robert Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Emissions reductions and performance improvements for foundry green sand systems

Yao, Tao Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Optimization, new product development, energy
Brasseur, James Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Atmospheric dynamics, wind turbine blades -- *Emeritus*
Brenizer, Jack Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Nuclear test ban treaty monitoring aerogel materials, radiation detection
Catchen, Gary Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Radiation detection/measurement, radiation dosimetry -- *Emeritus*
Cimbala, John Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Hydro power; air pollution; indoor air quality
Fathy, Hosam Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Modeling of batteries, dynamics control
Hawarth, Dan Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering High power energy storage technologies, biodiesel NOx effect in engines
Kulkarni, Anil Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Combustion, fluid mechanics, heat transfer
Motta, Arthur Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Mechanisms of materials degradation in nuclear fuels
Santavicca, Dom Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Fuel-air mixing, NOx and UHC emissions, hydrogen fuels -- *Emeritus*
Santoro, Robert Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Combustion and fire science, gas turbine and diesel engine studies -- *Emeritus*
Settles, Gary Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Gas dynamics, nozzle design, materials processing -- *Emeritus*
Simpson, Timothy Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Evaluating alternative fuel technologies for buses
Thole, Karen Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Advanced power generation
Turns, Stephen Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Pollution formation and control in combustion systems, fuel combustion -- *Emeritus*
van Duin, Adri Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Reactive force fields, interface chemistry, organic geochemistry
Wang, Chao-Yang Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Batteries, fuel cells
Wang, Donghai Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Lithium batteries, fuel cells and solar fuel
Yavuzkurt, Savas Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Combustion and alternative energy sources
Yetter, Richard Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Combustion generated pollutants, atmospheric plume chemistry
Anstrom, Joel Pennsylvania Transportation Institute Hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicle modeling, integration, and testing
Pietrucha, Martin Pennsylvania Transportation Institute Transportation policy, highway safety, ergonomics, traffic operations, highway design
Lau, Andy SEDTAPP - School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs Teaching & learning, sustainable design, solar energy applications, engineering ethics
Kiani, Mehdi Electrical Engineering Analog, mixed-signal, RF, and power-management integrated circuits and systems for wireless, biomedical, and sensing/actuating applications
Zhu, Minghui Electrical Engineering Systems and control, multi-agent networks, distributed algorithms, robotics