Research: Overview

Penn State has seen a steady upward trend in the University’s total R&D expenditures — an increase of 48 percent over the past decade, and a solid indication that our faculty are successfully proposing path-breaking research and development initiatives to federal, state, and private-sector sponsors. Penn State's total research expenditures for FY 2012 totalled $808 million.

In the subcategory of federal dollars in support of research, the trend is even more dramatic:
$507 million in federal support in fiscal 2012, an increase of 80 percent in the last ten years.

Industry-sponsored funding increased to $110 million in fiscal 2012. That the University continues to experience increases in both federal and private-sector funding reflects Penn State’s ability to compete with our peers in attracting research support, and the enviable reputation that the University has earned among various funding sources.

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