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Computer Science and Engineering Research Activities

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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is involved in several research projects that concern energy. One topic, which is carried out by Professor Urgaonkar, is the design of energy-efficient data centers. The Computer Systems Lab is engaged in efforts to design, implement, and evaluate mechanisms to reduce the power consumption in data centers. The research is particularly focused on the design of energy-efficient servers and storage systems. Another energy research area being evaluated is power saving techniques for wireless sensor and ad hoc networks. Due to the fact that wireless nodes are normally powered by battery, Dr. Cao is in the process of designing efficient protocols so that less power is consumed.

Faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are engaged in research in a number of areas with relevance to energy management and the well-being of our environment. Important reserch topics include:

  • Design of energy-efficient data centers. Data centers have grown rapidly in their IT and cooling related power consumption, posing significant hurdles in scaling them to meet the needs of the future. This research involves improving the energy consumption of servers, storage and networking devices, and spans computer architecture, systems software, and application design.
  • Design and management of green buildings. Faculty in CSE are exploring how computational techniques can be utilized for improved design of buildings as well as efficient management of their power consumption.
  • Smart electrical grid. Faculty are conducting an investigation of the security of a commercially available smart grid meters. They are examining threats to both accurate billing and auditing, as well as customer privacy and the public safety issues.
  • Power saving techniques for wireless sensor and ad-hoc networks. Since wireless nodes are normally powered by battery, the design of energy-efficient solutions (protocols) is being investigated.