Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Research Activities

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Current research projects include:

  • In situ visualization of two-phase flow in PEM fuel cells using neutron imaging
  • Advanced real time distributed diagnostics and embedded sensors in PEM fuel cells
  • Advanced sensor and control development to detect incipient failure in PEM fuel cells
  • Improving indoor air quality, ventilation, energy efficiency in buildings, and transport of particulate and gaseous contaminants
  • Analyzing the interaction between the aerodynamic loadings in wind turbine blades and the turbulence structure of the atmosphere
  • Experimental and computational analysis of polymer electrolyte fuel cells with application to multiphase heat and mass transfer
  • Freeze/thaw degradation analysis and mitigation
  • Studies on the anodic community and electrochemical performance of microbial fuel cells
  • Hydrogen generation via combustion of nano-designed metals
  • Advanced modeling, design, and characterization of batteries for vehicular application
  • Design of advanced control systems for hybrid vehicle application
  • Nanomaterial development for clean energy technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells.