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EWB-PSU's current international projects are located in Roatan, Honduras. The projects under way in Baoma have one common goal: to improve the community's health and environmental conditions. EWB-PSU members also conduct local projects. A partnership with the Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania children's science museum has some members working as mentors to young children, teaching them basic scientific and engineering principles. Team members also organize spring break service trips, like building and repairing homes damaged by hurricanes in southern Louisiana.

These projects combine real-world engineering skills with outreach and humanitarian action. EWB activities have the distinct benefit of giving students a way to flex their engineering muscles while improving the quality of life in communities all over the world. This experience provides students with the kind of global perspective on the world that is unmatched in typical classroom study.

Follow the links at left to find out more about individual projects or to learn how you can get involved, either as a student member, professional mentor or individual or corporate donor.

Engineers Without Borders National Organization

EWB-USA's MISSION -- EWB-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders.

A world map shows the locations of E W B's projects worldwide.

EWB-USA Projects around the globe.

EWB-USA has chosen the delivery of smaller scale infrastructure projects within an overall community program framework as its program delivery model. At its core, the EWB-USA model is rooted in practical engineering solutions. However, in order to be successful, program designers must consider a wide range of inputs from the socio-cultural dimensions of the community to local project ownership and other requirements for long-term project viability. EWB-USA programs are full partnerships with a host community and one or more local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). EWB-USA members train local community members and local NGOs to successfully monitor and maintain the projects. It is these partnerships which form the basis of a long-term relationship in order to assure the basic infrastructure needs of the community are met and will remain sustainable long after direct chapter involvement ends.

Our PASSION is to make a difference. We are the emerging leaders on your campus, in your office, within your community, your neighbor, your son or daughter, YOU!

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