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Engineers Without Borders - Projects - Local

In addition to current international projects, EWB-PSU has a group dedicated to local projects. The Local Projects team is involved with the State College community and several neighboring communities to help promote engineering and also to serve those in need.

Committee Lead

Emily Roarty

Allison Webster

State College, PA

Young students at Discovery Space E W B members teaching young students about building principles at Discovery Space

EWB teaches students basic building principles
by building structures out of noodles and marshmallows.

This year, the local projects group is continuing to focus on volunteering at the Discovery Space Museum, which is a local children's science museum in State College. EWB members serve as mentors for the children and teach them about engineering through fun hands-on activities. EWB also made a bike generator project that is one of the exhibits featured in the museum. The bike generator is connected to a series of light bulbs; this teaches children about the amount of work required to power basic objects and the importance of energy conservation. Local Projects members have taught several lessons at the Discovery Space Museum this year. Some of the activities include milk carton cars, elephant toothpaste, lava lamps, and invisible ink. Local Projects members have also served on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Advisory Board to help bring engineering principles into activities for young students.

In addition to providing engineering education for students at the Discovery Space Museum, EWB has sponsored two blood drives this year at Penn State. We are working to help improve the lives of people around the world, which includes saving lives through donating blood here at Penn State.

Bellefonte, PA

Students learning about chemical reactions while having their secret messages appear. Lava lamps at main EWB table for Exploration-U

EWB teaches students basic chemistry principles
by making invisible ink and lava lamps.

This year EWB Local Projects has been involved in the fall and spring Exploration-U event at the Bellefonte High School. This is a family science night where young students and their families can come to the high school to learn from many organizations about science or engineering related topics. EWB members helped run activities for the students in the Bellefonte community to show them how fun and interesting engineering can be. For the spring Exploration-U, EWB had a theme of Physics for Breakfast. Some activities for this theme include exploding colors in milk, rotating eggs, and grape centrifugal challenge.

EWB Local Projects has also volunteered in several neighboring communities for engineering education and service reasons. Members have volunteered their time to help Nittany Greyhounds, which is a shelter for ex-racing dogs. They have also traveled to several schools, including Bellefonte Elementary School, Benner Elementary School, and Bellefonte Middle School to teach students about the design process through the hands-on Milk Carton Car Challenge. In addition, EWB members have helped with an Art and Science Expo at Ferguson Township Elementary.


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