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Mohamed Khalil

The island of Roatan, Honduras is located off the coast of mainland Honduras. It is the largest of the Bay Islands, stretching almost 50 miles long.

Roatan's economy is based mainly on tourism and fishing. People come from all over the world to see the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island. However due to minimal waste water treatment infrastructure on the island, the aquatic ecosystems are deteriorating, causing concern for the future of Roatan's economy. We are currently in discussions with the community leaders for ways in which Engineers without Borders Penn State can assist.

We are currently working with Polo’s water Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to protect the island’s water resources, and the community to provide energy through a photovoltaic system to a wastewater treatment facility located in West End village. The facility does not run to its maximum potential due to the high cost of electricity, which is produced on the island by combusting diesel that has to be shipped to the island. Our mission is to tackle the energy challenge so the facility can treat close to its maximum capacity of water, while also reducing its environmental footprint.

The project has been divided into three different areas of design: Structural, Solar, and Realizations. Students working in the Structural area of design are in charge of crafting a structure that will successfully support the Photovoltaic system placed above the waste water tanks. In the Solar group, students focus on the Photovoltaic system, its tilt angle, and direction to maximize sunlight exposure and electricity output. To ensure successful implementation of the structural and photovoltaic system designs in the community, the Realizations group was created. The Realizations group researches material costs and life-cycle, and will eventually produce comprehensive education material to help the community maintain the system.


For more information about the project, please contact any of the following members:

Jonathan J. Caballero - International Project Co-Lead (

Michael Trowbridge - International Project Co-Lead (

Claire Fisher - International Project Secretary (

Colin M. Roberts - Solar Group Lead (

Michael Martenas - Structural Group Lead (

James Redmond - Realizations Group Lead (


Other contacts:

Dr. David Riley (

Ian Drysdale (Email: N/A)

Carlos “Junior” Rolando Fernandez Pulido (


Mohamed Khalil
Mohamed Khalil
Mohamed Khalil

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