The Global Engineer

In today’s connected world the majority of engineering projects are transnational from technical, financial and managerial viewpoints. It is incumbent on us to provide Penn State Engineering students with hands-on global experiences that span the scope of expertise from engineering analysis and design regulations, to financing options and international contract negotiations. The Global Engineer fundraising initiative is designed to support and provide our students with experiential learning opportunities on a global level.

Engineering Global Leaders Scholarships

We have a number of international academic partners and there are others with whom we want to establish student-based collaborations. The engineering global leaders scholarships will provide opportunities for students to approach leading international professors to work in their labs without seeking funding from the host institutions. Students will learn new approaches to education and research, gain cultural exposure, and grow as individuals and engineers through these immersive opportunities.

Experiential Global Learning Scholarships

There are international universities who have advanced considerably in developing experiential learning programs, which Penn State Engineering could partner and benefit from their best practices. Placing our students to study specific agreed-upon modules in these leading universities and gain credit for their courses requires tuition, travel, and incidental expense assistance.

Global Graduate Outreach Fellowships

This advancement project mirrors the graduate excellence fellowship program, in an international context. These fellowships will support our students to join internationally renowned professors in top universities around the world, to work on research projects and learn new approaches that will benefit Penn State, the Commonwealth, and the nation.

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