Innovation in Undergraduate Education

The Penn State undergraduate experience is exceptionally deep and rigorous, graduating students who are sought after by all sectors of industry and academe, and recognized as very well trained in engineering tools and problem solving. Through philanthropic support, the College will transform the Penn State Engineering educational experience, to uniquely brand our graduates as visionary leaders, integrators, and global engineers with entrepreneurial skills and business acumen.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Scholarships

The most successful engineering graduates will be those who not only possess exceptional technical and problem-solving skills, but also have learned vital business and management training, with capabilities. When combined with their engineering education, this additional training allows students to enter the workforce with business planning, financing, market development, communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

Project-based Teaching and Learning

Research on cognitive learning and knowledge acquisition indicate that learning through engagement and doing is far superior to traditional educational methods overwhelmingly used in other engineering programs. Developing project-based programs will attract high-achieving undergraduates who are competitively recruited by the most distinguished universities.

Service Learning Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Providing educational experiences using real-world examples from our community provides an ideal learning framework for our students and fulfills part of our mission as a land grant university. This impactful process involves identifying projects, bringing them to Penn State, challenging students to assessing related engineering problems, creating and implementing the solutions – all for the betterment of our community.

Grand Challenge Curriculum Expansion

Our curricula are based on engineering competencies and sub-system problem solving. We want to develop additional options for our students to learn in a more integrative environment, to focus their minds on addressing the fundamental challenges that face the world, to be ready to make a distinct impact on the world. Not all students will be attracted to these proposed majors and minors, but many will, and will be aggressively recruited by major industries interested in complex societal and engineering systems.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Placing our undergraduates from University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses into research laboratories and research groups takes them out of the normal learning environment and presents them with open-ended technical challenges under the supervision of our world-leading faculty. Such experiences deepen their independent thinking, broaden their experience, and accelerates their technical and personal maturity.

Facility Enhancement Fund

Our instructional laboratories are perhaps the most challenging feature of the College that requires immediate action. The University has pledged to support the majority of the funding for a building that consolidates instructional laboratories of all departments and provides ideal collaboration space for our students, as well as new state-of-the-art space for our award-winning Learning Factory.

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