Thank you from the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Engineering

Philanthropy allows SEDTAPP to provide transformative experiences to students within our programs. Through the generosity of our donors, our 
students have been able to travel internationally to work with their clients and partners; to develop prototypes for their business startups; 
to hear hard-earned wisdom from and engage with engineering leaders, designers, and entrepreneurs; and to experience the design process 
through client-driven projects. Sven Bilen, head, School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs, and professional programs and professor Gifts from our alums allow us to go beyond the basics in our educational programs and provide more support for our outstanding students. 
Especially significant this year are gifts that will be instrumental in transforming our graduate program. Alumni gifts also allowed us to fund student 
travel for humanitarian engineering projects and participation in professional conferences. Phil Savage, department head, chemical engineering Corporate philanthropy has greatly improved our educational resources. For example, a major equipment donation in recent years has allowed our 
students to get hands-on interactions with state-of-the-art off-road machine engines and transmissions, giving them much more realistic experience 
prior to entering the work place. Paul Heinemann, department head, agricultural and biological engineering, and professor The endowed chairs have allowed our senior faculty to invest in new areas of research leading to exciting results in the areas of small cell 
communications networks, flexible electronics and organic semiconductors. This work could not have been started, or would have been seriously delayed 
without the funds available from the endowments. Thomas La Porta, director, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Evan Pugh professor, 
William E. Leonhard Chair professor The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has greatly benefitted from several large gifts in the past few years. Through this generosity 
of our valued alumni and friends, the department has created chaired professorships, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate student scholarships, 
and general support funds. In particular, the availability of new chaired professorship positions has allowed the department to hire the highest quality 
faculty members who, otherwise, might have taken positions at competitor universities. Patrick Fox, department head, civil and environmental engineering, 
and John A. and Harriette K. Shaw Professor
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