Design-Build Montana

Sustainable Housing Solutions Course and Certificate Program
Students and Volunteers Welcome

AIHI facilitates annual courses (for Penn State students) and summer workshops in Lame Deer, MT (for students and volunteers). A 3-part course series at Penn State examines how sustainable building methods and technologies and residential energy efficiciency assessments can be utilized to improve the living conditions common on American Indian reservations.

Part 1
(Spring '11):
Students examine the physical and cultural context in which green building tecnnologies and residential energy efficiciency may be utilized.
Part 2
(Summer '11):
Students spend 2 weeks in Montana participating in community-based sustainable construction projects and culturally immersive experiences offered by Chief Dull Knife College. Volunteers may spend 1 or 2 weeks.
Part 3
(Fall '11):
Students document and reflect upon their experiencs in order to assess the project and provide constructive reccomendations for improvement of the AIHI course, project and program. A short presentation is prepared by the class and given to prospective students for recruitment and informational purposes.


Opportunities :

  • Learn how to apply new and emerging sustainable building technologies to solve housing problems.
  • Experience the Northern Cheyenne people,their land, and sustainable values inherent to their culture.
  • Help make a difference in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the U.S.
  • Earn a Certificate in Sustainable Building Methods from Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, MT.

2011 AIHI Program:
This summer’s project will utilize home energy efficiency assessments and sustainable technologies and will focus on applying these concepts in the Northern Cheyenne community to conduct a Smart Sustainable Home Makeover.

Week One: June 26-July 2
Week Two: July 3-July 9

Get Involved!
For Penn State students:
Penn State students are expected to attend both AE 297 and AE 498 Spring and Fall* courses, and at least one workshop in the summer)
*graduating seniors may be exempted from Fall course

For other students, professional, and volunteers:
Sign up for a one-week workshop in Montana to earn a Certificate in Sustainable Building Methods

Cost - (includes on-site transportation, meals, and modest living accommodations)
$550 for students of all ages, backgrounds, majors, and universities
$800/week or $1,000 for 2 weeks for professionals/volunteers

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