Ultra-Deep Desulfurization of hydrocarbon fuels for fuel cell applications

Song, Chunshan
Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering


Effective conversion of hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen requires fuels with ultra-low sulfur contents.  We are developing solid absorbents to selectively adsorb sulfur from fuels.  This ultra-deep desulfurization will also enable fuels to comply with upcoming regulations on sulfur content in gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. The reactor system being used for the desulfurization of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are shown below.

























A few Selected Papers

1. Song, C.; Ma, X. “New Design Approaches to Ultra-Clean Diesel Fuels by Deep Desulfurization and Deep Dearomatization”, Applied Catalysis B Environ. 2003, 41, 207.

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   - U.S. Department of Energy
   - U.S. Department of Defense
   - U.S. Navy
   - U.S.  Air Force
   - New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan

Additional researchers working on this project

-          Dr.Xiaoliang Ma

-          Dr.S.Velu

-          Dr. Jae Hyung Kim

-          Mr.Shingo Watanabe

-          Mrs.Lu Sun


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