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Agricultural Sciences_______________
Researchers in the College of Agricultural Sciences are utilizing hydrogen-producing bacteria found in soil, wastewater, and other organic matter to feed off these biofuels to generate useful amounts of hydrogen gas.
Earth & Mineral Sciences____________
Involving members from Energy & Geo-Environmental Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, researchers in this college are concentrating on PEM Fuel Cells, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, and hydrocarbon utilization, as well as numerous other projects.
Developing and optimizing fuel cells for transportation use (automobiles and undersea transport) and for bioenergy production using waste materials (microbial fuel cells), as well as hydrogen production, are the primary activities of researchers in the College of Engineering.
Researchers in this area are developing systems to generate hydrogen through new types of solar and bio-energy, and developing materials and scientific techniques to enhance the storage and utilization of hydrogen.

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