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Shelley M. Stoffels
Professor of Civil Engineering
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Promotion and Tenure

College P&T Committee List 2017-18

College Non-Tenure-Line Faculty Promotion Committee 2018

Timetables for Promotion & Tenure Process

Full P&T Timetable (Excel document)

Abbreviated P&T Events Timetable (will be available soon)

Promotion &Tenure Dossier Content and Preparation Information

Preparation & Submission Guidelines

College P&T Criteria Statement

Dossier Content - Department Head & Committee

Dossier Content - Candidate

Candidate Narrative Statement Guideline

Promotion & Tenure Forms

Promotion and Tenure Form (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Biographical Data For Promotion/Tenure Review Form (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Log of External Letters (PDF document, Penn State login required)

Candidate Signature Document (PDF document)

Promotion & Tenure Related Policies and Procedures

University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

AC23 Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations (Formerly HR23)

Procedures for Selection of College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee Structure

Guideline 17 - Requests for Reduction of Prior Tenure Credit

Self Report of Activity, Faculty Evaluations & Non-Tenure Track Promotions

Engineering Electronic Self Report of Activity

AC40 Annual Evaluation of Faculty Performance (Formerly HR40)

Policy and Procedure for Promotion of Faculty Members on Non Tenure-Track Appointment in the College of Engineering

Sabbatical Leave of Absence

Sabbatical Committee List 2016-17

Preparing Sabbatical Leave Application - A Guide for Faculty (PDF document)

AC17 Sabbatical Leave (Formerly HR17)

Engineering Electronic Sabbatical Leave Application (College of Engineering VPN required when not accessing from within the College network)