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November 2008 - The IEC sponsored a field trip of the Penn State ASHRAE Student Branch to the Verona, VA manufacturing facility of McQuay International.  The group was given an overview of McQuay chiller products and toured the chiller manufacturing plant.

October 2008 - Bill Bahnfleth participated in the re-opening ceremony for the remodeled ASHRAE headquarters building in Atlanta, GA.  The $7 million renovation project is largest single investment in the history of the Society.  The updated facility is expected to earn a LEED gold or platinum rating.  Penn State AE Professor Emeritus Stanley Mumma chaired the HVAC system advisory committee for the renovation.  Bahnfleth is a member of the ASHRAE Board of Directors, currently in the final year of a three year term as Director-at-Large.

October 2008 - The National Center for Energy Management and Building Technology released the report "Impact of Return Air Strategy on Building Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality - Literature Review" authored by graduate assistant Dylan McWhirter and Prof. Bill Bahnfleth.  The report summarizes the state of knowledge regarding the impact of return air strategy on building energy consumption, indoor air quality, and building resiliency in the event of a chemical, biological, or radiological (CBR) attack as documented in open literature and supplemented with information provided by designers; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractors; and facility owner/operators.

August 2008 - Professors Jim Freihaut and Bill Bahnfleth and doctoral candidate Josephine Lau  participated in the Indoor Air 2008 Conference in at the Danish Technical University in Lyngby, Denmark.  They presented two papers on ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and a third on fine particle resuspension and chaired a workshop on PM 2.5 carrier particles.

June 2008 - At the annual meeting of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers in Salt Lake City, UT, IEC alum Joe Firrantello received the 2007 Willis H. Carrier Award for "the best published paper of outstanding quality presented at a Society meeting by a member of any grade who was 32 years of age or less at the time of presentation of the paper" for the paper "Use of factorial sensitivity analysis in multizone airflow model tuning."   Co-authors Bill Bahnfleth, Amy Musser, Jim Freihaut, and J.-W. Jeong received best paper awards.

October 2007 - IEC doctoral candidate Josephine Lau presented a paper entitled "Predicted Performance of In-Duct UVGI Systems under Variable Operating Conditions" at the IAQ 2007 Conference in Baltimore, MD and another paper entitled "Estimating the Effects of Ambient Conditions and Aging on the Performance of UVGI Air Cleaners " at the IAQVEC conference in Sendai, Japan.  The latter paper was selected for publication in expanded form in the journal Building and Environment.

July 2007 - The IEC hosted the first meeting of a new UVGI applications group organized by Prof. Jim Freihaut.  The meeting was attended by manufacturers, researchers, and owners of UVGI systems.

June 2007 - Bill Bahnfleth participated in the CLIMA 2007 conference in Helsinki, Finland.  He presented papers on multizone model calibration co-authored by IEC faculty member Jim Freihaut and graduate students Joe Firrantello and Carlos Gomes.