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6/21/06 Shinsuke Kato, of the University of Tokyo, Japan, will present an IEC Seminar titled "Recent Developments in Indoor Air Quality ." 107 Engineering Unit B, 4:00pm. Details.

5/22/06 The Penn State Indoor Environment Center will host the 2006 Advisory Board Meeting on May 25-26. See agenda for more details.

4/5/06 IEC Seed Grant Proposal. For IEC travel support, please send a brief proposal to Dr. William Bahnfleth by e-mail indicating the purpose and desired outcomes of the trip. A short trip report will be expected for funded or co-funded travel. Co-funded proposals are preferred in order to leverage the available funds. Details.

3/8/06 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration Industry Embraces Voluntary Guidelines to Reduce Fluorocarbon Emissions. EPA Endorses New Responsible-Use Guide Developed by ARI from Industry Good Practices. Details

2/9/06 U.S. Government Agencies Adopt Sustainable Building Guidelines. Several U.S. federal government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration, have agreed to a set of guiding principles for designing, building, and operating federal facilities. Details

2/2/06 ASHRAE and CIBSE Issue Joint Statement on Climate Change. Continued reductions in emissions, guidelines leading to reduced energy consumption and responsible refrigerant use are encouraged in a new joint statement on climate change issued by ASHRAE and CIBSE. Details

1/26/06 Penn State AE faculties Drs. Bahnfleth, Mumma and Srebric traveled to Chicago with graduate and undergraduate students to participate on the ASHRAE Winter meeting (Jan 21-25).

1/18/06 Dr. Agami Reddy, a visiting scholar in the Indoor Environment Center during Spring 2006, will present a seminar on "A Scientific Methodology for Calibrating Detailed Building Energy Simulation Programs" on January 18th at 3:30pm at 107 Engineering Unit B. Details

9/15/2005 Dr. William P. Bahnfleth and graduate students Carlos Gomes and Bin Hu participated on the “10th International Conference on Indoor Air and Climate” (Indoor Air 05) hosted in Beijing-China (September 04th-09th, 2005), a premiere international meeting place for scientists and professionals in the multidisciplinary field of indoor air sciences. Three papers were presented: Standards and guideline requirements for UVGI air treatment systems, Resuspension of allergen-containing particles under mechanical and aerodynamic disturbances from human walking - introduction to an experimental controlled methodology and Literature review and parametric study: indoor particle resuspension by human activity.

5/25/2005 The Penn State Environment Center hosted the 2005 Advisory Board Meeting during May 23rd to 24th. See agenda for more details.

4/25/05 ARI Press Release: Replacement and Conversion of CFC Chillers Slower than Expected Assuring Steady Demand for Non-CFC Units for a Decade. Details

4/20/05 Dr. James Freihaut hosted the HVAC Equipment Night to demonstrate several mechanical HVAC equipments to AE 454 students and AE 455 students. "I and the students of AE 454 (85% turnout) and AE 455 would like to thank you all for your wonderful efforts for the HVAC Equipment night. Feedback has been very positive," said Freihaut to all who assisted in the event. Photos

4/15/05 The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) has published a consumer brochure and white paper entitled "Facts about Humidifiers and Mold," which are available for free download at

4/9/05 Dr. James Freihaut, Bin Hu, and Carlos Gomes participated in the MindBend2005 Conference. Hu presented their paper: Resuspension of Allergen-Containing Particles Under Mechanical and Aerodynamic Forces From Human Walking - Introduction to an Experimental Controlled Methodology Abstract. Photo. PowerPoint Presentation.

3/21/05 IEC Director William Bahnfleth gave presentations on risk management analysis and countermeasure design for airborne chemical/biological/radiological attacks on buildings at two Pennsylvania ASHRAE Chapter meetings. He addressed a joint societies' National Engineer's Week meeting hosted by the Anthracite (Scranton/Wilkes Barre area) chapter on Feb. 13 and was the speaker for a meeting of the Pittsburgh Chapter on March 21.

3/20/05 Carlos Gomes, PhD candidate, presented a poster at the Graduate Exhibition at the University Park campus. The title of his poster was "Resuspension of Particles Containing Allergens;" his advisor is Dr. James Freihaut. Photos

3/14/05 New Legislation would Spur Replacement of CFC Chillers: ARI Urges Members to Support "Cool and Efficient Buildings Act." Details

2/18/05 Richard Mistrick represented the IEC at the winter meeting of the Association of State Energy Research and Technology Transfer Institutions (ASERTTI) held February 16-18 in Washington.  His activities included participation in planning meetings for the 2005 STAC solicitation and joint meetings with the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO).

1/27/05 ASHRAE standards update: non-residential (62.1) and residential (62.2) ventilation standards.

1/27/05 The Institute for Research in Construction in Canada is seeking a research officer to join its Indoor Environment Program. Details

12/17/04 ASHRAE announces publication of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004. ASHRAE press release

12/16/04  The Association of State Energy Research and Technology Transfer Institutions (ASERTTI) has announced a search for a new Executive Director. Details

12/10/04 Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski led The 2004 Air Treatment Conference of the International Ultraviolet Association. Details

12/9/04 IEC faculty member Jim Freihaut and graduate student Joe Firrantello presented papers at the 2004 annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis held Dec. 5-8 in Palm Springs, CA. Details

11/5/04 William Bahnfleth was an invited speaker on the University of Pittsburgh Department of Mechanical Engineering seminar series. His presentation was entitled "Design of HVAC Systems to Control Indoor Bioaerosols."

10/29/04 William Bahnfleth represented the IEC at the fall meeting of the Association of State Energy Research and Technology Transfer Institutions (ASERTTI) held October 25-28 in Southern Pines, NC and gave attendees a briefing on the activities of the IEC since its formation in 2002.