William & Wyllis Leonhard

Engineering Scholars Program

Leonhard Engineering Scholars Program Application Form

Please complete the following application form to its entirety. Incomplete application will be rejected.

Application must be submitted no later than February 1 to be considered for a scholarship in the Leonhard Engineering Scholars Program for the following fall semester. Those selected for the program will be notified by May 1st. For questions or additional information please call 814-863-3064.

I have asked for a letter of recommendation.

NOTE: Please do not complete and submit the application until you have entered the information above. The letter must be submitted directly from the person submitting the recommendation either by e-mailing coe@engr.psu.edu or by mailing to:

Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education
Penn State College of Engineering
101 Hammond Building
University Park, PA 16802-1400

NOTE: If you do not have a PSU ID Number, you can request one from here. Then return to this page and complete the application.
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