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Engineering Assessment and Instructional Support

The office of Assessment and Instructional Support is responsible for supporting curricular assessment and developing instructional support programs for faculty and teaching assistants in the College of Engineering. Specific activities include coordinating support for program assessment by working with department faculty to identify assessment needs, determine or develop assessment instruments, establish data collection methods, and assist with data analysis. Assessment and Instructional Support is responsible for the portfolio of instructional support programs, including offering workshops, seminars, and classes for faculty and teaching assistants, providing classroom observations and evaluations to improve classroom effectiveness, evaluating the effectiveness of curricular innovations, and advising the College on methods for evaluating teaching effectiveness.

Assessment and Instructional support spans three areas within the Leonhard Center:


Assistance is available for assessment-related activities including program-level assessment, course-level assessment, and assessment of funded projects. Assistance is provided for the collection and interpretation of College-level surveys including the Alumni, Senior Exit Survey, and Engineering Feedback on Teaching Evaluation.

Instructional Support

Support is provided to faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants within the College of Engineering regarding teaching and student learning. One-on-one consultations are available for those individuals who have an interest in improving Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness (SRTEs). Workshops, seminars, and courses are offered with the intention of introducing instructors to various concepts relating to teaching and learning.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Teaching and learning are central to the Leonhard Center's Mission. Our goal is to improve teaching practice and student learning outcomes. We work with faculty to combine technology and instructional design to help enhance teaching practice and student learning. Our aim is to provide support for technology confidence, effective teaching and learning, and appropriate use of instructional technology. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about using technology in your classroom..


Consultations on assessment, instructional support, and teaching and learning with technology are available to all faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants within the College of Engineering. To set up an appointment, please contact Sarah Zappe.