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Assessment and Instructional Support

Program-level assessment: Specific activities include coordinating support for program assessment by working with department faculty to identify assessment needs, develop or revise program outcomes and objectives, determine or develop assessment instruments, establish data collection methods, and assist with data analysis. Assistance often corresponds to ABET-lead assessment initiatives.

The office also works with other College units in the development and implementation of college-level assessment instruments to assist with college-wide data gathering and analysis in support of undergraduate and graduate academic programs. These instruments include the senior exit and alumni surveys.

College of Engineering Surveys and Interfaces

Course-level assessment: Often times, instructors may want to learn how to assess course effectiveness or to assess specific activities within a course. Assessment and Instructional Support is available to help develop tailored surveys or other instruments to measure students’ perceptions of the course or activity. Guidance is also available to develop more direct measures of student learning within a course.

In addition to tailored instruments, the Engineering Feedback on Teaching Evaluation (EFTE) is offered at mid-semester to all engineering faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants. The current version of the EFTE is available at:


Assistance with assessment for funded projects: Many federally-funded grant projects require researchers to include information on how the project has been successful or has impacted students. Assessment and Instructional Support can provide assistance in writing and developing assessment or evaluation sections of grant proposals. Please contact the office with sufficient time before submission deadline so that discussions regarding anticipated project requirements, timeline, and budget can take place.