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Teaching and Learning with Technology

Teaching and Learning with technology is a broad and complex challenge. We provide personalized guidance and support as you seek to use technology in your traditional classroom or mixed learning environment. Assessment and Instructional Support can suggest learning activities, teaching strategies, and effective use of technology to foster learning. We can also help you keep your finger on the pulse of current learning technologies as they apply to the classroom. We support faculty in the college in three specific ways:

  1. By working directly with faculty to integrate various technology tools into the classroom
  2. By providing training and workshops on issues of topical interest and
  3. By providing one on one consultation services related to teaching and learning with technology

Some of our past and present projects include:

  1. The Tablet PC Initiative
  2. Supporting Clickers in the Classroom
  3. Supporting Teams and Teamwork
  4. Using Video Capture to Support Problem Solving

If you have an idea for a project please feel free to contact us.