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Technology Tools

There are many reasons for wanting to integrate technology into your teaching practice. But this does not mean that you know exactly what you may want to do and how to accomplish it. Our job is to let you know about the types and kinds of technologies that are available and what those technologies can do. Assessment and Instructional Support can support you to integrate technology into your teaching practice and we can help you stay current about the types of tools and technologies that are effective in engineering education. We investigate new technologies and softwares for teaching and learning for you. If you are interested in a particular technology contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss with you how these tools might be used in your class. And if you have suggestions or additions to the items listed below – do let us know!

Technology Tools and Resources for Collaboration

There are many types and kinds of technology tools that can support collaboration. These can range from creating and supporting teams to hosting remote collaboration. Consider the information below or contact us for a consultation.

--ANGEL’s Team and Team Generation Tool - Create and generate teams using ANGEL
--Penn State’s Call Center - Services include audio conferencing, video conferencing and bridge services
--Skype - Free service that allows you to make calls from you computer to another’s computer
--Penn State Video Conferencing - Offers a variety of services and supports
--Adobe Connect - A web based conferencing tool
--Penn State Access Grid - Facilitates group to group interaction across a multi-point network with lots of interactive goodies and toys to support visualization and interactive collaboration

Technology Tools and Resources for Design, Development, and Delivery

There are many resources and tools that will support you as you design, develop, and deliver instructional materials. Consider the information below or contact us for a consultation.

--ITS’s Research on Teaching and Learning and Technology page
--Schreyer Institute’s Tools for Teaching and Learning
--Educause’s 7 Things You Should Know series

Penn State provides you access to many social networking tools like Blogs, Wiki’s, Podcasts, and Vodcasts:

--iStudy Modules for first years and skill building support
--iTunes U at Penn State
--Teach Act Information ( - About Intellectual Property at Penn State

Penn State provides many free software downloads for students, faculty and staff. Consider inexpensive software alternatives like: Paint.NET or GIMP; Inkscape, PrimaPDF; Scribus, and others.

e-Portfolio option at Penn State
ANGEL Penn State’s course management system

Technology Tools and Resources for Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation are the bread and butter of what we do. In an educational context assessment and evaluation differ. Assessment generally refers to collecting data related to how well an instructional strategy, method, event, or materials supported a change in a learner’s skills, attitudes, beliefs, or knowledge. This information is then used as feedback to improve the instruction. Evaluation is the collection of data that measures or benchmark’s the degree and extent that identified criteria have met designated standards as feedback to measure learning. Consider the information below or contact us for a consultation.

--Tom Angelo is a well known and well respected expert on Classroom Assessment
--eTesting at Penn State provides a secure classroom testing environment
--Scanning Operations provides bubble sheets and scantrons
--Writing Effective Questions to Promote Learning
--Rubrics are a great tool for assessment and evaluation
--e-Portfolios can accumulate evidence for assessment and evaluation
--Assessment That Promotes Learning
--SRTE’s and EFTE’s can also provide you with useful information