Additional Programs for Engineering Enrichment

  • The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Program helps students develop skills sought by industry: engagement in the world, innovation, teamwork, communication, and management.
  • Engineering Cooperative Education is open to all engineering students at Penn State, and provides on-the-job experience before graduation. Choose from hundreds of companies in US and abroad.
  • Students may participate in student chapters of professional engineering societies and related projects such as the CubeSat, SAE formula car, and concrete canoe contests.
  • Special-interest "houses" provide enrichment through residential housing options, such as the Freshmen in Science and Engineering (FISE) Interest House, the Engineering House (E-House), or the Engineering and Applied Science Interest (EASI) House.
  • The College provides undergraduate research opportunities for select students, and juniors and seniors may also apply for teaching internships.
  • The Learning Factory, a student manufacturing laboratory, provides undergraduates with hands-on engineering experience in designing, prototyping, producing, and testing innovative products and processes. Student projects are provided by industry and require working with industrial mentors.


The William & Wyllis Leonhard Engineering Scholars Program is a merit-based scholarship program for outstanding students in the College of Engineering. Through the Leonhards' generosity, this program offers students of exceptionally high ability and motivation an opportunity for study, financial support, leadership development, and enhancement activities at one of the nation's premier colleges of engineering. The overall goal of the program is to assist students in becoming World-Class Engineers.

The William & Wyllis Leonhard Engineering Scholars Program

101 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710

Phone: 814-863-3064