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artist's rendering of encrypten key process

Better security achieved with randomly generating biological encryption keys

A team of engineers has devised an encryption key approach that is unclonable and not reverse-engineerable, protecting information even as computers become faster and nimbler.

artist's rendering of porous tissue strand

Micropores let oxygen and nutrients inside biofabricated tissues

Micropores in fabricated tissues allow nutrient and oxygen diffusion into the core, and this novel approach may eventually allow lab-grown tissue to contain blood vessels, according to Penn State researchers.

joseph sinclair

First World Campus degree in additive manufacturing and design awarded

Joseph Sinclair always knew he wanted to set the trends, not follow them. As the first graduate of the master of engineering in additive manufacturing and design program, he’s staying true to that mission.


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Thank you from the College of Engineering

With continued support from our Penn State family, we are committed to inspiring change and impacting tomorrow. Thank you!

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Microstructure sensitive ultrasound: Advancing biomedical additive manufacturing

Andrea Arguelles, assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics, seeks to develop a model-based ultrasonic method that will enable use of additive manufacturing in biomedical applications.



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scholarship recipients

Voith awards $25K in scholarships to students in Penn State’s Women in Engineering Program

The first group of Voith scholarship recipients have all demonstrated extraordinary academic success.

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