Alumni List:

Name Major and Graduation Year Company Email
Tessa Antolick Civil, May 2004 ARM Group, Inc
Kerri Bagosy Industrial, 1999 Alcoa
Elise Baker Aerospace, May 2009 Sikorsky Aircraft
Kelly Bird Civil, May 2009 STV Incorporated
Rachel Dutter Chemical, May 2009 ArcelorMittal
Amy Frisbee Chemical, Dec 2006 Dow Chemical
Carla Gajdosik Industrial, Dec 2007 Cisco Systems
Deb Laudenslager Industrial, Dec 1988 The Hershey Company
Jaynie Lewis Civil, Dec 2009 Marathon
Natalie Bryner Architectural  (BAE/MAE), Dec 2009 James G. Davis Construction Corporation
Khayla Shearer Chemical, May 2010 ConocoPhillips
Heather Thomas Civil, May 2010 Wilbur Smith
Stephanie Thompson Industrial, Dec 2006 Curtiss-Wright EMD
Camille (Saxberg) Zozula Chemical, Dec 2007 Westinghouse
Christine Reubi Nuclear, May 2012 AREVA
Meghan Fisher Mechanical, May 2012 Dow Chemical
April Davis Mechanical, May 2012 W.L. Gore & Associates
Whitney Tarchinski Mechanical, May 2012 Pratt & Whitney
Morgan Oster Mechanical, May 2012 W.L. Gore & Associates
Susan Jankiewicz Industrial, May 2012 C.R. Bard
Kiley Coombe Industrial, December 2012
Catherine Feather Industrial and French, May 2004 Johnson & Johnson
Christine Fogas Environmental, May 2012 O'Brien & Gere
Krystle Carstens Electrical, December 2011
Shani Allison Electrical, May 2001 Ford Motor
Michelle DeLong Civil, May 2012
Krystal Doheny Civil, May 2012 Clark Construction
Mary Paskewicz Civil and Environmental, May 2012 URS Corp.
Anne Sheldrake Chemical and Bioengineering, August 2012 Grad School
Sandra Duffy Chemical and Spanish, May 2012 W.L. Gore & Associates
Kristina Knipe Chemical, May 2012 DuPont
Anne McAndrew Chemical and Environmental, May 2012 DuPont
Danielle DaSilva Bioengineering and Mechanical, December 2012 Johns Hopkins
Erin Viscito Bioengineering and Mechanical, August 2012 Johnson & Johnson
Elaine Tanella Bioengineering, Italian and Biology, May 2012 Accenture
Lauren Waltz Bioengineering, August 2012 Drexel University
Brandi Wingate Aerospace, May 2012 Ball Aerospace
Anne Eisert Mechanical, May 1986 GE
Anne Eisert Mechanical, May 1986 GE
Natalie Bryner Architecural, December 2009 James G. Davis
Yiqing He Electrical, December 2012 Hughes
Maria Diliberto Mechanical, December 2012 Dow Chemical
Lisa Orme Chemical and Spanish, May 2012 Phillips 66
Casey Kinsman Chemical, December 2012 GE Energy
Emily Lafferty Mechanical, December 2012
Abigail Logan Mechanical, December 2012 Schlumberger
Terri Creech Industrial, December 2012 Precision Castparts
Kiley Coombe Industrial, December 2012 User Centric
Megan Hinterberger Industrial, December 2012 Gore
April Davis Mechanical, May 2012 W.L. Gore & Associates
Morgan Farnsworth Industrial, May 2012 Volvo Construction
Melanie Macek Mechanical, December 2012 US Airways
Christina Webber Bioengineering, May 2012 Grad School - The University of Akron
Kanupriya Samarendra Civil, December 2012 CB&I

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The Society of Women Engineers, SWE, is a national organization composed of both student and professional members.  This society was founded nationally in 1950 to act as a supportive organization for women in the engineering field.  SWE’s mission statement is to “stimulate women to achieve as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.”  The Penn State Student Section was founded in 1975 and has grown to become the largest and most active engineering organization on campus, with over 250 members.  


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