ENGR 118     Impact of Culture on Engineering in China

Credits: 3.0 (ALL the undergraduate students at Penn State can use this course as a GS/IL).

Summer 2019 (May 5 – June 2) (Itinerary Summer 2019)

Itinerary Summer 2018, Itinerary Summer 2017,

Itinerary Summer 2016, Itinerary Summer 2015, Itinerary for Summer 2014

Course Professor: XINLI WU, Ph.D., P.E.

The course Blog Website: http://www.sites.psu.edu/china

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             The rationale for establishing this course is to help students understand some of the current challenges of globalization.  China has gradually become one of the major players of the world  in engineering, science, and technology.  Many US and other global industries have huge investments and business affiliations in China.   The status and actions of the Chinese economy have a major impact on the economies of other countries.  Many employers value and recruit students who have international experiences and therefore, have some understanding of international cultures.  This course will enable students to learn Chinese history and culture on site, in the real world of China (instead of in a classroom here).  Students will participate in field trips to some major engineering projects and learn the impact of history, culture, society and environment on engineering design in China. 


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            If you or your company is looking for a way to help our students become educated about this ever-challenging world of globalization, please contact the course professor for more information about sponsoring this course.  Your sponsorship will greatly benefit both our students and your company!