Pennsylvania Housing Research Center

Housing Professionals and Researchers Assemble for PHRC Events

On February 20 and 21 at the Sands Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the PHRC provided educational, networking and information-sharing opportunities for housing industry professionals and researchers through multiple events. Wednesday featured the 21st annual PA Housing Conference and the first annual Residential Building Design and Construction Conference (RBDCC). Thursday featured a continuation of the RBDCC along with the PA Land Development Conference and two in-depth training programs.

full conference room watching Gord Cooke present

PA Housing Conference

The PA Housing Conference kicked off with dynamic keynote speaker Gord Cooke of the renowned training and consulting group known as Construction Instruction. The audience took notes intently throughout Gord’s presentation featuring a message of continual improvement toward building better homes. The all-day event continued with three break-out tracks containing practical information for housing professionals including tracks focuses on durability, plumbing and mechanical, and energy efficient/green building.

Residential Building Design and Construction Conference

The Residential Building Design and Construction Conference, held on Wednesday and Thursday, provided an opportunity for academic and industry-based researchers to share information about their latest findings regarding their residentially-focused research. Over 30 researchers assembled to present their findings and engage in vigorous discussion. Keynote speakers included Sam Rashkin of the U.S. Department of Energy, who spoke about Money-Housing (think Moneyball) and Richard Seifert of the University of Alaska – Fairbanks, spoke about the pursuit of superinsulated, passive solar homes.

PA Land Development Conference

The PA Land Development Conference, held on Thursday, started with a keynote session titled, Innovative Community Design by Thomas Shepstone of Shepstone Management Company.  Following the keynote, the conference split into two tracks – Sustainable Development and Stormwater Management – during which attendees learned valuable new design techniques and were updated on changing regulations and policies.

Training for Building Professionals

Thursday also featured two full-day training programs for builders, design professionals, code officials and others. One program, Fire-Resistant Construction of Townhouses and Twins, focused on the important issue of fire-protection for multifamily buildings. The second program, sponsored by the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection,was titled, The 2009 IECC – Energy Code Compliance for Commercial Buildings, and covered energy code requirements for non-residential buildings.

Conference Proceedings

Click here to access the Residential Building Design and Construction Conference Proceedings for free. Please note this file is quite large - download times may vary.