NATEG is a newly created North American Tunisian Engineers Group. It was founded by a group of Tunisian engineers and engineering students residing in North America. It is apolitical, non-profit, non-governmental, and is all about engineering.

The brite lab is a research group devoted to Bridging Research in Innovation, Technology and Engineering.

The Electroactive Materials Characterization group research focuses on processing-microstructure-property relationships in smart materials with the goal of developing new materials with unique combinations of mechanical, electrical, and coupled properties for uses that range from advanced electronic devices and autonomous system concepts to the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer industries.

The Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs was created in 1974 by Congress. It works to advance U.S. foreign policy goals in such critical areas as climate change, renewable energy, resource scarcity, polar issues, oceans policy, infectious diseases, science and technology, and space policy, to name a few.

AMIDEAST-Morrocco has worked to expand educational opportunities for Moroccan students and facilitate increased academic and cultural exchange with the United States.

AMIDEAST-Tunisia opened a small office in the Tunis medina 40 years ago. Providing quality advising and testing services to Tunisians interested in continuing their education in the USA has always been a major component of AMIDEAST's mission.