About the Project
Medieval Technology and American History is a project of the Center for Medieval Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, supported by Grant EE-50095-04 from the National Endowment of the Humanities We the People Initiative. With contributions from faculty in Medieval Studies, Education, History, Food Science, Science, Technology, & Society, and local high schools. PSU faculty: Gerald Eggert, Ben Hudson, Bill Pencak, David Saxe, Steven Walton, Greg Ziegler, Vickie Ziegler; Master Teachers: Ned Eisenhuth, Pete Halapatz, Fred Lutkus, Robert Rich; Center for Medieval Studies Research Assistants: Brigitte Weinsteiger, Jessica Banks.
This grant is supported by National Endowment of Humanities Grant No. EE-50095-04 as part of the NEH We The People initiative. All work in this website unless otherwise noted is copyright of the Penn State University Center for Medieval Studies. Redistribution for educational purposes is granted and encouraged so long as the material remains identified by its author and referenced to this website.
We would like to thank the various museum staff, curators, guides, and archivists who have made much of this work possible. Thank you.
NOTE: Many of the black and white marginal illustrations throughout our website (as above right) are taken from a lovely old book, Little Old Mills, by Marion Nicholl Rawson (New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1935). The illustrations are all sketched by Ms. Dawson. We believe the book to be out of copyright, but if we are in error, please let us know.