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Colonial American Mill Bibliography
For those needing references to more information on mills, milling, and the present state of mills in North America, we offer the following information.
Books/Dissertations on Mills (limited to Pa. and region)
  • Brooke Hunter, “Rage for Grain: Flour Milling in the Mid-Atlantic” (U. of Delaware Ph.D. thesis, 2001)
  • G. Terry Sharer, “Flour Milling and the Growth of Baltimore” (U. of Maryland Ph.D,. thesis, 1975)
  • Jane Levis Carter – The Paper Makers: Early Pennsylvanians and Their Water Mills
  • Jean Seder – Voices of Kensington: Vanishing Mills, Vanishing Neighborhoods
  • Carter Litchfield and others – The Bethlehem Oil Mill, 1745-1934: German Technology in Early Bethlehem
  • Carol Hoffecker, Brandywine Village: The Story of a Milling Community (Wilmington, 1974).
  • Cynthia Shelton, The Mills of Manayunk: Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1737-1837 (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1986).
  • Steven Hahn and Jonathan Prude, eds., The Countryside in the Age of Capitalist Transformation: Essays in the Social History of Rural America (Univ. of North Carolina Press, 1985).
  • Grenville and Dorothy Bathe, Oliver Evans: A Chronicle of Early American Engineering (Philadelphia, 1935).
  • Eugene S. Ferguson, Oliver Evans: Inventive Genius of the American Industrial Revolution (Greenville, Del., 1980)
  • Horace J. Sheeley, Windmills and Millers in the Eighteenth Century (Williamsburg, 1975)
  • Peter Cobbett Welsh, The Brandywine Mills , 1742-1815 (1956)
Articles on Mills
  • Robert P. Stevenson, “Seven Early Woolen Mills of Western Pennsylvania,” Pennsylvania Folklife, 1990-91 (40): 81-85.
  • Arthur C. Lord, “Donegal Mills: A Case Study in Historical Geography,” Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, 1977 (81): 117-137.
  • Brooke Hunter,  “Creative Destruction:  The Forgotten Legacy  of the Hessian Fly,” in Cathy Matson (ed.), The  Economy of Early America: Recent Directions (Penn State Univ. Press, 2005)
  • Rufus M. Fetter, “The Smith-Wallis Gristmill,” Now and Then, 1974 (12): 548-552.
  • Ralph L. Hazeltine, “Some Notes on the Use of Water Power Along Toby’s Creek,” Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society, 1970 (23): 73-122.
  • Brooke Hunter, “The Prospect of Independent Americans: The Grain Trade and Economic Development During the 1780s,” Explorations in Early American Culture, 2001 (5), 260-287.
  • Peter Welsh, “The Brandywine Mills: A Chronicle of an Industry, 1762-1816,” Delaware History, 1956 (7), 17-36.
  • Peter Welsh, “Merchants, Millers, and Ocean Ships: The Components of an Early American Industrial Town,” Delaware History, 1957 (7), 319-336.
General Works
  • Mary Schweitzer, “The Economy of Philadelphia and its Hinterland” in Catherine Hutchins, ed. Shaping a National Culture: The Philadelphia Experience (Winterthur, 1994)
  • Paul G. E. Clemens, The Atlantic Economy and Maryland’s Eastern Shore (Cornell Univ. Press, 1980)
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  • Berhanrd L. Herman, Architecture and Rural Life in Central Delaware, 1700-1900 (Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1987).
  • Philip Scranton, Proprietary Capitalism: The Textile Manufacture at Philadelphia, 1810-1850 (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1984).
  • Paul Paskoff, Industrial Evolution: Organization, Structure, and Growth of the Pennsyvlania Iron Industry, 1750-1860 (John Hopkins Univ. Press, 1983)
  • Stephanie Grauman Wolf. As Various as their Land; The Everyday Life of Eighteenth Century Americans (Harper and Row, 1993)
  • Stephanie Grauman Wolf, Urban Village: Population, Community, and Family Structure in Germantown, 1683-1800 (Princeton Univ. Press, 1976).
  • James Lemon, The Best Poor Man’s Country: A Geographical Study of early Southeastern Pennsylvania (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1972) – Systematic analysis of mills and their locations.
  • Joseph Scott, Geographical Description of Pennsylvania (1806): lists mills by county – over 1900 by 1806
  • Stella Sutherland, Population Distribution in Colonial America (1936, rpt. 1966): chapter on Pennsylvania lists mills by county.
  • Lucy Simler, “The Township: The Community of the Rural Pennsylvania American,” Pennsyvlania Magazine of History and Biography, 106 (1982), 41-48.
  • Mary Schweitzer, Custom and Contract: Household Government and the Economy in Colonial Pennsylvania (Columbia Univ. Press, 1987).
  • Brooke Hunter, “Creative Destruction: The Forgotten Legacy of the Hessian Fly,” in Cathy Matson, ed. The Economy of Early America: Recent Directions (Penn State Press Univ. Press, 2005) – also see her dissertation.
  • Peter Tracy Dondlinger,The Book of Wheat (Wilmington: Scholarly Resources, 1973)
  • R. O. Bausman and J. A. Munroe, “James Tilton’s Notes on the Agriculture of Delaware,” Agricultural History, 20 (1946), around p. 180.
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  • Philip E. Pendleton, Oley Valley Heritage: The Colonial Years (Pa German Society, 1994). Pendleton also has a manuscript on Berks County mills, available at Berks County Historical Society.
  • Gabrielle Lanier, “A Region of Regions: Local and Regional Culture in the Delaware Valley, 1780-1830" (Univ. of Delaware, Ph.D. thesis, 1997).
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  • David J. Jeremy, “The British Textile Technology Transmission to the United States, The Philadelphia Region Experience,” Business History Review 44 (1973):
  • Robert D. Arbuckle, Pennsylvania Speculator and Patriot: The Entrepreneurial John Hicholson, 1757-1800 (Penn State Press, 1975).
  • Thomas Cochrane, ed., The New American State Papers, Manufacturers (Wilmington, 1972)
  • Arthur Cole, ed. Industrial and Commercial Correspondence of Alexander Hamilton (Chicago, 1928) – see also Hamilton's Papers (26 vols.)
  • Mildred Goshow, ed. Mills and Mill Owners of Manayunk in the 19th Century, typescript 1970, Roxborough Branch, Free Library of Philadelphia.
  • Anthony F.C. Wallace, Rockdale (New York, 1978)
  • Sylvester K. Stevens, Pennsylvania: Titan of Industry, vol. 1 (New York, 1948).
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