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BIM Uses

Engineering Analysis


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(Structural, Lighting, Energy, Mechanical, Other)


A process in which intelligent modeling software uses the BIM model to determine the most effective engineering method based on design specifications. Development of this information is the base for what is passed on to the owner and/or operator for use in the building's systems (i.e. energy analysis, structural analysis, emergency evacuation planning, etc.). These analysis tools and performance simulations can significantly improve the design of the facility and its energy consumption during its lifecycle in the future.

Potential Value:

  • Automating analysis and saving time and cost
  • Analysis tools are less costly than BIM authoring tools, easier to learn and implement and less disruptive to established workflow
  • Improve specialized expertise and services offered by the design firm
  • Achieve optimum, energy-efficient design solution by applying various rigorous analyses
  • Faster return on investment with applying audit and analysis tools for engineering analyses
  • Improve the quality and reduce the cycle time of the design analyses

Resources Required:

  • 3D Model manipulation
  • Engineering analysis tools and software

Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review a 3D Model
  • Ability to assess a model through engineering analysis tools
  • Knowledge of construction means and methods
  • Design and construction experience

Selected References:

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