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BIM Uses

Existing Conditions Modeling

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A process in which a project team develops a 3D model of the existing conditions for a site, facilities on a site, or a specific area within a facility. This model can be developed in multiple ways (including laser scanning) depending on what is desired and what is most efficient. Once the model is constructed, it can be queried for information, whether it is for new construction or a modernization project.

Potential Value:

  • Document existing building for historical use
  • Provide documentation of environment for future uses
  • Enhance efficiency and accuracy of existing conditions documentation
  • Provide location information
  • Aids in future modeling and 3D design coordination
  • Use for visualization purposes

Resources Required:

  • 3D Model manipulation
  • 3D Laser scanning
  • 3D Laser scanning point cloud translation into objects

 Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review a 3D model
  • Knowledge of BIM authoring tools
  • Knowledge of 3D laser scanning tools

Selected Resources:

  • GSA BIM Guide Series 3. 3D Laser Scanning.


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