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BIM Uses

Record Model 

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A process in which a 3D model contains an accurate depiction of the physical conditions and environment of a facility and its assets. This has potential to contain information regarding not only the main architectural and MEP elements, but equipment and asset information as well. Furthermore, with the continuous improvement of the record model and the capability to store more information, the model contains a true depiction of space with a link to information such as serial codes, warranties and maintenance history of all the components in the building. Moreover, the record model also contains information linking pre-build specification to as-built specifications. This allows the owner to monitor the project relative to the specifications provided.

Potential Value:

  • Aid in future modeling and 3D design coordination for renovation
  • Provide documentation of environment for future uses, e.g., renovation or historical documentation
  • Aid in the permitting process, e.g., continuous change VS. specified code.
  • Dispute elimination e.g., link to contract with historical data highlights expectations and comparisons drawn to final product.
  • Solid understanding of project sequencing by stakeholders leads to reduced project delivery times, risk, cost, and law suits

Resources Required:

  • 3D Model manipulation

Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review 3D Model
  • Ability to use BIM model application for facility updates
  • Ability to thoroughly understand site processes to ensure correct input

Selected Resources:

Penn State